The Investigative Communication Technology Specialist

The CEO Ibrahim Afolabi Musa AKA Emperor Afo Diamond is a underground Investigative Journalist( and @ journalist9ja on twitter) and Development Media Specialist whose knowledge of the Mass Media job was credited to his Teacher and Role Model- PROFESSOR MUYIWA POPOOLA of the Ajayi Crowther University where he attended and graduated in 2010 as a Bachelor of Communication Media Studies. ……”Breaking and Bridging Barriers for Models Worldwide”

In 2015 , Afolabi began fiddling with WORDPRESS CMS, and sooner than later he started creating award winning websites and contents for top global organizations who pay him with relevant information and trends update worldwide.

In 2021 May 6 , he got a job with the Prestigious Armed Forces and Command Staff College Jaji- Military Cantonment Kaduna, a state where he was born in May 6 1983 when his Mum was with Nigerian Defense Academy. Afolabi also Known as Michael and Danjuma , instantly rose to superstardom in Jaji where his Philanthropy acts earned him a scoop by an indigene who said PEACEKEEPING Mission is when Civilians and Military have one globally united platform for trading and expression of self. On that October was born.

His other projects online are : (Home of ICT and Media Geniuses World) …..Breaking and Bridging Barriers for Models Worldwide  : Unleashing The Lion In Your Ram So You Can Win The Doves, Sheeps and Lionesses

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His Latest Book on Amazon is Titled “

“How To Enjoy Christmas Everyday Using Tech, Not Trees or Football: Be Awake To The Free Diamond Digital Currency Now That It Is Still Free”



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