Zion Media creates amazing media contents and services for you. Our creative teams can bring the vision of your business to life using new and traditional media.

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We are called ‘the media lighthouse’  and ‘One of the active voices in pioneering Developmental Media in Nigeria’ . We are also known for our top quality services such as : website designing, effective content writing, winning advertisement/Public Relations campaigns, awesome business logos, amazing television/radio administration and programs management.

We have been doing our thing offline for a decade and online for six years with the name ‘Higher Zone Media, now we re-branded with the name; ‘Zion Media  ’.

Our numerous excellent portfolios speak for us through various ghostwriting jobs on the web, blog articles, and websites creation. We also have our powerful influential presence  in various traditional media avenue such as Public Relations campaigns, Advertisement jingles, and interesting Television and Radio content.

‘Excellence and Passion’ for making a difference is our watchword, so we commit ourselves to giving you the best service delivery always.

This website won’t only serve as a channel for displaying our portfolio, we will also use the blog part of it to reveal mind-blowing expert opinions, money making business ideas and inspirational content.

In a nutshell we are the right guide and missing factor your business needs to grow online and offline.

We are in Nigeria, but our services can also be offered virtually to any online business. You can choose us to write well researched SEO content for your blogs, website, you can have us make Radio Advertisement jingles for you, we can help you build your website to rank number 1 on search engines, and much more. The world is a virtual market now, you can get the best services online without leaving the border of your country.

You are welcome! Feel free to ask us questions, seek out some of our free expert opinions and check our blog for insights on how to be a leader in your business niche.

Zion Media has been creating quality media content for a decade, we do not follow trends, we create trends and set the pace. “Our works are everywhere you find positive development” – No wonder They call us “Developmental Media”- The Founder of Zion Media

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