Cocktail of the Word with @Phoenixunited1 & @Iamead on Telegram. I like mixing up Sweet drinks with some bitter ones, and spicy ones to have a cocktail. Afterall I was told I have multiple personalities disorder, so I should know how to mix the best tastiest drink ever. I do not drink alcohol so , but my drinks can get you high nevertheless


The Muslims argue that “THE PROPHET” that the Pharisees asked John the Baptist whether he was, is Prophet Mohammed. I used to believe that before, until I left the book of John chapter 1 vs 21 into verse 25 that quote “Why then doest thou baptize, if thou art not the Prophet?” Did Prophet Mohammed baptize anyone? If Prophet Mohammed did not baptize anyone, then why call him, the “Prophet” ?

John responded ” I baptize with water, the one coming (Jesus) baptize with Holy Ghost”! – That means Jesus is not only the lamb that takes away my sins.He is also the Messiah (Christ). He is also the King of Israel. He is also the Prophet. He is also the living word of God. He is also the light of Men. He is also the one in the Bosom of God. The one Word that God spoke when he said ” Let there be Light”.


How John 1 Remix The Cocktail of the book of John

No wonder in John 1 , he John said “That which we have seen and handled of the word of God is that which we bring to you”

God made his word flesh to dwell among men , so that we could see the personalities of God via the living word.

John went on to say ” In him was light, absolute light, without any darkness”.


My Personal Confessions Today

Jesus Christ the living word of God, you’re my spotless lamb. I lay all my sins upon you , I lay all curses of my life upon you. I lay every evil thing in me that belongs to the Devil upon you. And now I claim my freedom from everything evil because: I AM HE WHOM THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS WITH HEALING ON HIS WINGS HAS SET FREE!!! IAM FREE INDEED!!! AMEN!!!