39+ Things “Africa Ankara Adorned Wish-Snail Shell” Can Do For You In 2023 & Beyond

Africa Ankara Adorned Wish-Snail Shell” existed before the word “Wishbone” ever entered the vocabulary of the world. According to the the source of the info I am about to reveal, Wishbone was formerly known as Wish-Snail Shell.
According to this article in Ghana Opera News  Snail shell wades off bad luck.

But it goes beyond that . Below are the Age Long lost Secret of ” Africa Adorned Wish Snail Shell”.

39+ Spiritual Benefits of Africa Adorned Wish Snail Shell

Everything about snail is useful from it’s slime, to shit to shells and it’s meat.Did you know consuming 1 snail daily as well as drinking it’s slime helps with ease of delivery of a child.

10 Business Benefits Of Africa Adorned Wish Snail Shell

Before you feel this is a voodoo thing, know I am a Christian, an Investigative Journalist and a believer in our African tradition.
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I had to mention all these so you’d know I know what I’m talking about.

1) Hanging This shells around your office wade off bad energy around your business environment.

2) It promotes sales of products and encourages people to patronize your services.

3) It gives you insight into the latest trends that will make your business boom.

4) These shells repel the entrance of evil around your business premises.

5) Make one good wish daily using these shells and watch out for miracles.

6) Beautify the business environment using these shells.

7) Foster positive relationships among your workers , partners and colleagues.

8) Helps channel your inner genius, just put the hollow part of the shell in your ear and listen for your next step.

9) Generate profits and priceless position in the marketplace for your business.

10) Punishment bringer upon every enemies of your business, because your progress brings headache to them.

Never use these shells to curse anyone and please try to be positive minded and mouth whenever you’re around these shells- what you say is what you get.

10 Home Benefits Of Africa Adorned Wish Snail Shell.

1) Destroy Bad Spells around your home.

2) Helps bring in prosperity, divine direction and peace in your home.

3) Adorns your home while at the same time bringing good fortunes.

4) Ask and it shall be given to you. Make a good wish daily and find out why this is known as wishbone.

5) Children from Age 6 can have this as their toys because it helps them extremely intelligent in school.

6) Can serve as your personal cup , drink your water from this shell and have it heal various diseases.

7) Scare away Evil Spirits by hanging this at the shell at the entrance of your home.

8) Get a message from your ancestors by asking for directions using this shell to do just that. You’d get a clear answer as a dream.

9) Find missing items around your home by holding this shell while searching for it.

10) Promotes long life in your home because the spirit called death avoid homes where these Ankara adorned shell is.





10 Personal Benefits Of Africa Adorned Wish Snail Shell

Africans are strange set of people, they hate their cultural heritage and embrace that of others. No wonder they stay borrowing, sorrowing and poor. While other liberal countries and continents that embraces the uniqueness of African cultures continue to prosper. Africans will never know prosperity and peace until they are boldly able to scream “I’m black and Proud”. Wakanda lives in us. Not USA.

1)Put this shell in your bag while traveling to prevent any form of accident.

2) Expel ancient spells by having at least one snail shell in your home.

3) Find true love by always talking to the shell before stepping out everyday.

4) Get direction about your life endeavors by putting one of these Shells on your bed before sleeping. You’d see visions and dream.

5) Announce your prosperity daily by making a wonderful wish before leaving home daily.

6) Get honey and pour tiny it into the shell with water , drink first thing in morning and last thing at night to experience good luck.

7) Get the peace you desire in your work place by placing it on your desk at work.

8) Touch your head with snail shell daily reciting this words ” I am the head and not the tail”.

9) Say these words using Snail shell ” From birth snail comes to life equipped with it’s habitat, home, I refuse to be stranded as snails are never stranded”

10) Pour anointing oil into Snail shell and pour it on your head reciting this psalm 23 words ” God anoints my head with oil , my cup overflows with treasures”.

9+ General Benefits Of Africa Adorned Wish Snail Shell

1) Used for artwork .

2) Put it on as beads : The small sized ones are great for necklace.

3) The shells are the perfect source of calcium and many health benefits. Grind it and drink with water to avoid or cure rheumatism, anaemia, among many other ailments.

4) Bury the Shell in your home to make it danger free and prosperity hub.

5) Find the Law of attraction secrets of prosperity by speaking your desires into this shell and seeing your results within 40 days.

6) Engage the immortal benefits of Snail shell by commanding the spirit of longevity when you wake up daily.(You must be generous and good to get this working.)

7) The miracle you’ve been seeking comes when you wash your face with water from snail shell either the slime or with water from it.

8) Using this shell as a decorative art around your home is a sure symbol of royalty and greatness.

9) If you have livestock at home put water into the shell and pour part In their water for fruitfulness and longevity.

Everything about snail shell is so useful and beneficial, I learned this from someone sage and ancient- now I know and now you know.

See the amazing decorations we did with these ones , it is just 7.59 dollars for the Mid sized ones, and 12.59 dollars for the jumbo sized ones . These shells are well treated and really of great spiritual potency because the prayers upon them are sure to work if you are a good person who seek to use it for good purpose alone.