What is OmegaPro All About?

Omegapro is an online platform that claim to help people with no prior forex knowledge to invest their money and earn 160%-300% return.
If for example you decide to invest 500 dollars for 16 month, without withdrawing the monthly 10% earning, you’d get 1500 dollars. That is 300% profit of your initial investment.
Conversely if you decide to collect 10% profit monthly for the next 16 months, you’d get a total of 800 dollars. That is 60% profit from your capital.

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Is Omegapro Forex Investment Platform a Scam?

I did an online survey and discovered various opinions about this investment platform. Some people are of the opinion that it is a scam because it is an unlicensed body. Omegapro review on quora
Others who made money from it claim it is an investment haven.  There is no way of confirming the authenticity of this company than for me to put my money into it. How Good is Omegapro Review
I  did 2 types of investment on this platform, one is worth 100 dollars while the other is worth 500 dollars . (Below is the different screenshot)

Zionmedia's Omegapro Investment dashboard

My personal omegapro investment account

My Personal Omegapro Investment Dashboard

My other omegapro personal dashboard

I am leaving my capital for the next 16 months to see whether or not OmegaPro is a scam.

My Findings Based on Personal Research And Analysis?

In my opinion, I think it is worth considering, especially since it gives you a flexible way of netting in your profit.
I have also seen people who cashed out from this investment platform.
The company claim to use artificial intelligence to run their Forex trade. You’d also find the stats of their daily trade on their website.
They also have a multilevel marketing scheme, for those that care for the referral bonuses and weekly cash returns.
I’ve gotten referral bonuses because I brought my sister into this.

What’s My Conclusion About This Online Investment Platform?

Do due diligence before taking step on this investment.If you decide to go for it , you can join this Whatsapp group for more info. You can also visit their website to get more knowledge base about the investment options available.