Zeeeros Affiliate marketing is an easy cool new way of making money online these days. You can be a part of this awesome opportunity by simply registering on the affiliate section of the  online shopping/ classified website. I’d give you a step by step guide on how to make money via zeeeros.com. But before then let me tell you what this website is all about.

What Is Zeeeros.com All About ?

Zeeeros is an online shopping/ classified website where you can get all kind of exclusive highly affordable quality products such as electronics, fashion, gadgets and much more. This website also offer great auction deals , it is practically an everyday “Black Friday” website. Imagine getting up to 50% discount on a product during an auction on zeeros.  The only warning I have for you is “the great deals on this website will make you so addicted to shopping online”. Imagine my friend Mr Issac buying dog food in boxes because its on massive discount,yet he has no dog. That’s what zeeeros massive auctions can make you do.

How Can I Register For Zeeeros Affiliate Marketing?

First you need an android phone to register for an online affiliate marketing. Next you go to the website in question, in this case click on https://zeeeros.com/affiliate . This link will lead you to the easy to fill affiliate form which looks like the one below.

Zeeeros Affiliate Marketing Form Sample

Zeeeros Affiliate Marketing Form Sample

As you can see in the above Zeeeros affiliate marketing form, you need to input only few vital information such as your username, name, email, phone number, password, address and how you will share the affiliate link(Put social media here if you have no blog).  Then patiently wait for your affiliate registration to be approved within 48 hours. Check your email for the approval message.

Making Money Via Zeeeros Affiliate Marketing 

As soon as you get approved on zeeeros.com affiliate marketing , it is now time to begin making money the easy way.  Why I like zeeeros affiliate marketing is that you’d get a whooping 9% for the first purchase of any customer using your affiliate link. The pay is good from then onwards because you will earn 2% on other people registering via your affiliate link.

The straight forward process of receiving payments is another reason why you would love zeeeros affiliate marketing. You can get your payment via paypal or direct bank transfer.

Another interesting and amazing thing you will like about zeeeros affiliate marketing is the clear statistic that shows you a real-time update on those who register via your link. Below are more screenshots of how your affiliate marketing dashboard will look like when you are actively sharing links.

Screenshot of Zeeeros Affiliate Marketing Earning page


Who Can Register ?

Anyone from any country can register for zeeeros affiliate marketing to start earning amazing commissions via referrals.  There is no limit  to how much you can earn from this website. All you need is an android phone, a social media account to share links and you are good to go.

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What are you waiting for? Join this online shopping website right now to begin enjoying not only the amazing deals, but also the nice commission that comes via zeeeros affiliate marketing.

Here is the affiliate marketing link. https://zeeeros.com/affiliate