Hausa Money Making Businesses Opportunities For Those Who Desire To Profit From Oduduwa Republic Nation

Check out Hausa money making businesses that always thrive in most parts of Nigeria.

Should Oduduwa republic Nation begin today, the Hausas’ will move to their place, Ibos alike – Then Nigeria activates the proverbial “To your tent oh Israel”.
If you are no fool, then you’d know a lot of vacancies will be left wide open when this division of Nigeria occurs.
If you are Mr. Wise then you will be observant enough to say to yourself “Darn it! Who will empty my Trash when most of these Hausa Mai Bola Go?”
But if you are myopic you’d begin to panic or dig a well for emptying your wastes.
If you’re like my good friend Chuks Okoji, a mixed blood of Ibo and Yoruba, then you’re already equipped with the Hallowed “Ibo 6th Sense of spotting opportunities and grasping it“.
As we speak Chuks a Mass Communication Lecturer already shows he’s ahead of his half part bloodlines the Yoruba. He has a farm ! A lecturer and a farmer in one Man.
What business can I do ? As The Hausas Plan to Move … Should Oduduwa Republic Begin? Here are the Hausa money making businesses that thrives come rain come sun.
Now let’s begin…..

7 Hausa Businesses You Can Make Money From …. Should Oduduwa REPUBLIC Nations BEGIN


This morning I went out to buy Kolanut, I learned to eat this from my Super Intelligent Broadcasting Lecturer “Dr Olisa Ndekwu‘. This man was a mentor, super classy, Ageless and had a great baritone voice. So I was like really? Must be the Kolanut.
Then I had this fine Genius colleague of mine named Michael Akinyemi with the same voice as Ndekwu.
Michael once lived in the North. The Hausas’ consumes Goro(Kolanut) a lot….Then I was like darn Michael must know this too….Must be the Kolanut. I started loading my system with Kolanut like M&M’s . Do I have the above kind of voice yet? “My present envy ridden face should answer that”.

Hausas’ are already beginning to act like a stranger in My Area

As at 6Am today when I left home to get Kolanut, I did not find any Hausas’ store open (The Legendary Aboki Kiosks)….
I was like darn it….This is the disadvantages of Monopoly, they’ve become too lazy like some of the Yoruba Traders who will wake 9am go to store 12 pm , sleep till 3pm , get cranky all day and say “Omi ti mo ma mu ko ni Shan koja mi” (The water I will drink won’t pass me by).
That’s their excuse of a proverb for having a bad sales day. …I give it up for Yorubas and Proverbs.
Hausas’ normally open their Kiosks by 5:45 am  and will be up till 12 midnight. 99% of them have acres of land in their cities to show for this relentless business acumen. You think Dangote the Billionaire woke up in Money because he typed Amen to 608,7000 prayers on social media?
This morning I  observed that the Hausas’ are already planning to leave, so their waking up late is a sign of “Afterall our time here is almost up”.
Who now will sell me my Kolanut early in the morning when I am on my way to work?

Hausa money making businesses are not hard to miss around you, here are some obvious examples below….

1)  Hausas’ Store Aka (The Legendary Aboki’s Kiosks…. Serving Nigeria since Year God knows when)

Here you will find everything from pencil to Elephant.  ….Just kidding. You will find everything from biscuits for Children going to school in the morning, to bread for the bricklayers who want to eat the 3+ combo before resuming work. Then Men driving to work would park a bit to buy panadol ahead for the Lagos traffic. Full house wife will go there to buy tomato paste , pasta, and all household emergency items. By 9am the Owner of an average Hausa Store must have sold  up to 6,000 naira worth of products.
By that same time an average Yoruba woman will still be picking beans at home, because it’s her breakfast.
Who will fill this void when the Hausas’ leave Oduduwa REPUBLIC?
Aboki Kiosk as Hausa money making business

2) Tomatoes,Pepper and Onions Businesses

During the famous Ramadan, nearly all Hausas’ travel to their home town to celebrate this festival.
Then tomatoes, pepper, Onions, get costlier..
We all know a bit of Yoruba pepper can be used as a “Letter bomb” , it is so spicy that mentioning Yoruba pepper alone brings tears to my eyes already.
My Ex Wife, a deep rooted Yoruba really made me see the roots of mother Earth with Yoruba Pepper. She will eat it, eyes open, laughing, talking, and even without water. I’d be on fire after the first spoon, by the time I get to spoon 5 , I’m bloated with 7 bottles of water.
The Hausa Famous big and less spicy pepper , tomatoes and onions is another business void we need to look into.
I’d probably be the one to look into this. I speak Hausa fluently. I will travel to the North and bring their tomatoes and all. You too can make money from this.
Hausa Tomatoes  as Hausa money making business

3)  Cow Meat, Manure , Ram and Beef Business.

I’ve yet to see a Yoruba woman who hates beef . If Doctors tell her don’t eat beef, she will make meat out of the cow hides, name it Ponmo.
When the Fulani Hausas’ leave with their Cow ,Rams and all, who will be there to give us nama (Hausa Name for meat)
Hausa Meat selling biz as Hausa money making business

4) Suya Spots Businesses

The scent of Suya can pull you from the grave. Yes I know Jesus Christ my Lord raised Lazarus from the grave after 4 days. But give me an Aboki Suya with the same anointing and I’d perform the same miracle.
Nigerians unborn can leap for Joy in mother’s womb at the scent of Suya.
You Know Suya , you like it , I love it more , but my question is who will gimme my Suya when they go?
Do you know Suya’s secret recipe, Can You Stand the smoke?
Suya Selling Business

5) Refuse Packing Businesses

An average Hausa Refuse Pusher makes over 5,000 naira daily, some make as much as 10,000 naira. The incredibly energetic Hausa refuse truck Pusher begins his journey by 6 Am and works till 5pm. Did I hear you say Tramadol power? Lies, I know them. It is Kolanut, Sugarcane and Focus , yes with a bit of pain killer. But while you think Nyama , the average Hausas’ Refuse Pusher makes at least 180,000 naira monthly.
Those Hausas’ are men like Samson who can push a wheelbarrow full of refuse for 9 hours tirelessly.
Will you do that? Can you do that? What other improvisation can you use to move twice that dirt for twice the money? Are you a little fry with land in Sango Otta who ran to Lekki to squat when you can use that empty land for Refuse recycling ground?
We Israelites see things differently. Learn about my people here and our never say die attitude to making a way out of no way as Y’hwh of hosts commanded us to.
Hausa Refuse Packing Biz

6) Aluminum condemn business

The Hausas’ pass nearly every home daily buying scraps of Aluminum. Their Famous best selling slogan remains ” Buy Aluminum condemn, buy Aluminum condemn”.
You will find students, job seekers, housewives selling used old pots , metals and scraps for money.
These Hausas’ merchants thrive on this business, they make up to 5,000 naira profit from the transactions daily.
Recycling factories love seeing the Hausas’ aluminum condemn sellers , they make their jobs easier.
Everyone wins.
This business has big potential in it , I know it deep in my guts.
Buy Aluminum Biz

7) Hausamartonline

I see opportunities when others see problems. Like my fam in Israel, I’m a startup superstar. The only thing is I just started learning the power of tenacity to stay on one business for at least 5 years before I sell it. Lol , it is deadening sad to sell a business today and next week the new owner eats a thousand times return. I still respect Fiverr owner till date, he is a Jew, didn’t sell his business till date.
The above website name can be yours if it is available, why not buy it and begin a nationwide and international Alibaba , AliExpress like website for Nigerians? If many of Hausa products and services will be in shortage should this Oduduwa REPUBLIC thing begin, will you not make super money with this?
Who else can give you the full details on how to go about this final idea if not me? I have the model set out in blueprints, we have the best in house website designers what else do you need?
If you can develop it alone, go try it, but there’s more where that came from.
Hope this is not too long. Most Nigerians like articles short, and yet ask God for tall blessings.