Imitate These  Successful Food Business Owners In Nigeria To Earn Big In The Food Industry

Food Business is the sure money spinner in Nigeria because paupers, politicians, pastors, peasants and the populace eat everyday. I’m yet to meet a person who does not like “Good food”.

Knowing how to cook “Good Food” is one thing.

The second thing is you must be dynamic and creative to succeed in the food Business in Nigeria.

Are you willing to Follow The Examples Of These Food Business Owners In Nigeria and be Rich? Learn their trade styles and secrets below

Get prepared to close down your food business if you keep serving foods like this

Will you eat this poorly presented Plate of Appetite Killing Rubbish?

Top Reasons Why Food Businesses Fail In Nigeria

I know of one top retired caterer from the Nigerian Army. A kind-hearted woman with decades of experience in cooking, but she lacked creativity.

She has a top food outfit somewhere in the expensive heart of Lagos. But the business barely brings in a profit of 10,000 daily. Darn too small for the kind of investment she put into the business. I pity her a lot and for this reason I took up an internal consultancy role in the business. The only problem is she was unwilling to be dynamic, or go with the latest Food Business trend. Her favorite word was “That’s not how they did it during my learning days“: The days she talked about was in the 80’s when she learned catering services. I had to quit the business to salvage my personal relationship with her which was almost deteriorating due to the frictions we had as a result of our diverse views.

In one of my best selling articles “What an under 40 Youth must know as Nigeria turns 60“, I stressed on how important it is for the youth to be super dynamic.

Nigeria economy leaders are myopic, visionless dinosaurs. Men and women who belong to the Egyptian mummies days. The sad thing is most youths are following the same trends.

Are you still cooking Jollof Rice with the same style you learned 5 years ago? If yes , BELOW  is what your situation looks like today :

The Misery of Following Institutionalized Methods of Food Business

If you boast about a slave mentality catering certificate you got since 5 years ago, then let me give you a quick mathematical fact.

1) If at least 10,000 people also attended the same cooking course since that 5 years ago you left(I’m sure they’d be over 10,000, maybe 100,000, because you probably learned from a cheap catering school) .

The 10,000 catering graduates are now in an oversaturated food Business in Nigeria. Cooking with the same method you all learned from the dingy catering school, using the same savorless style .

 I want to talk to a Food Business Owner as a Business Consultant and Food Customer

Most of your customers have gas cooker for crying out loud, they can access YouTube and learn 7 million ways to cook rice. If my kid brother Ahmed, a cooking quack at the beginning of 2020 could learn during Covid-19 Lockdown who can’t.(I still don’t envy his cooking skills, not that I know how to  boil eggs Though. …Did I hear you laugh?  )

Customers hate to eat tasteless and repetitive taste food “We scream Next Food Joint Please”. We can leave Lagos State to Ibadan just to go and eat a better Gbegiri, Amala , Egufe, and add Pure Water please. (But Sir, don’t you think pure water is too cheap for your level? Biko free me, that above kind of meal can only go with pure water, I went to eat not drink)

The Broke But Excellent Cook Who lost her peanut paying Job and Started very small on Lagos Island

Ahmed told me about how one Food canteen beside his office closed down. ( he couldn’t cook then ) So for self preservation reasons he gave one of the cooks an advice of this nature :

“Cook in cooler and bring it to the office. Give it a shot with less than 20,000Naira and I know you will make it, because you’re a great cook”

In excitement the young lady began this initiative and boom she began to make 3,000 – 5000 naira profit daily.  This lady thanks him almost every day for this single advice.

A Degree Owner Who Refused To Take Such A Golden Chance

I called an excellent cook who was once close to me, to ditch her joblessness and begin food business. I even promised to fund the business, and find the spot she could begin from. At first she said yes, then in arrogance turned down this opportunity because she felt it was cheap . This lady at that time couldn’t boast of 1,000 naira daily then. She began a perfume business though , but that was like putting a square peg in a round hole. The same mistake I mentioned somewhere in my Article about under 40 years old Nigerians success tips.

Now Let’s Begin 

7 Ways To Be A Successful Caterer Like “JFK Spices”

Before you begin to learn these secrets I’m about to divulge, first know that your Food Business in Nigeria will never fail, if only you are dynamic and quick to act on info of this kind of nature.

JFK Spices Akure Food Business Success Tips That Makes Her Export Her Food Almost Throughout Nigeria

How To Make Flavored Pancakes

Jfk Spices Nigeria Pancakes and Zobo sample

1) She’s a very dynamic food Business innovator , who uses coconut crisp, raisins, dates and many more unique blend to make her “Famous Pancakes

2) JFK Spices Zobo is the most delicious you’d ever taste. She blends mango , pineapples, sometimes apples to her hibiscus drink(Zobo). May someone remind me not to eat the plastic one day while drinking this uniquely delicious Zobo drink.

Make Pancakes with unique Flavors

3) Her Rice can only taste next as good as the manna that came from Heaven in the days of Moses. By the way I had to plead with her to teach women these skills, via this her post here where she also placed her contact. I was tired of hearing how many women lost their husbands to Calabar great cooking ladies, so I called her to come to rescue.

4) Janded Fiki Spices make cakes that will open your eyes to the vision of paradise and make you wonder why Eve didn’t make this cake for Adam instead of eating that Apple.

5) Fikayo the CEO of JFK Spices has many styles of cooking different meals that I’m now humble enough to plan traveling to Akure to learn some of these skills. (Then she was once begging me to learn for probably half the price online , I was forming busy bee. But after my Ex wife who could cook divorced me, I plan to learn cooking skills. Nigerian men suffer in the hands of women who can cook ,  don’t make me relate my experience.)

6) My colleague Janded  Fiki of JFK Spices who studied mass communication like me didn’t coast on her degree and her Government job. But she is into the food business and also into errands management business- (my jealousy of how contracts troop in for her is about to go out of control.)

7) The dynamic food business boss is always willing to learn more skills through food cooking experiments that makes her invent newer unique flavor every day.

Recently I stumbled upon one unique woman Food Business Concept that also inspired me.

Native cookhouse

The Native Cookhouse CEO and School Owner, Who is A Super Successful Food Merchant

I am still trying to recover from the amazing story of Native Cookhouse , just like the story of JFK Spices and the lady that began hers with 20,000 naira.

The Native Cookhouse CEO is also a successful school Proprietress, but as if that’s not enough she decided to explore her passion for Food Business in a unique dimension.

1) Native Cookhouse CEO, travels to different villages to buy their diverse food stuffs ( Not Lagos overpriced and under tasty artificially grown foodstuffs.

2) The NCH CEO packages these unique food items in ways that make her deliver all over Lagos and Nigeria due to high demand.

The Unique Ways Native Cookhouse Present the Normal Foodstuffs

A) Ready Made Peeled and Sorted Beans

She washes beans for moimoi and preserves it to dry then packages it as a product she sells. The massive demand is high because it is the cleanest washed beans I’ve ever seen. Even Gbegiri soup makers will prefer to buy that than the stress of washing beans . Moimoi lovers who procrastinate making moimoi from Saturdays to Saturdays now know they can call her for quick delivery. This product is very affordable, I wonder where the profit comes from. Try washing beans one day, then you’d identify with why people of my age ate moimoi as breakfast by 2pm in our childhood days.

Native Cookhouse peeled beans for moimoi,akara, gbegiri

B) Edo Garri

Everyone is into Ijebu Garri, she saw an opportunity in Edo Garri and  she’s also making  money from this branch of her food Business.

C) Oron Fish (Dried And Package)

I ate this particular fish after some days of fasting. This fish was probably the reason why Peter went back fishing after Jesus Christ died and before he resurrected. It was so delicious that apart from Jesus saying I’d make you fishers of Men ” , I wished  he included I’d make you fishers of Oron Saltwater Fish. After I got up off the throne of devouring this well flavored, tasty and big fish, I was furious with cat fish instantly. Show me one more cat fish and I’d show you my shark face, because this man is now an Oron  Fish lover because I tasted it for the first time all thanks to “The Native Cookhouse” and my mum who served it well prepared.

What Oron Fish Looks Like

What Oron Fish Looks Like

D) Her other products are : Clean and well packaged cow leg, and tail. Byanda Palm oil, Honey beans and many more.

Byanda Oil

The above 3 Women I mentioned show that the food business in Nigeria is still good business if you’re inventive, creative and willing to begin small, medium or big.

Try resisting a meal like this

If you want to begin a food business in Nigeria with as little as 15,000 and make 3,000- 5,000 naira daily on the Island, read the first story above.

If like JFK Spices you want to begin on a medium scale to boom and become an hot cake in Akure and other States, then learn from above.

Learn from above if like The Native Cookhouse you desire to go on another creative dimension of doing something out of the norm by getting raw materials from villages and selling it well packaged to Lagosian.

Last but not least if you want to be like me “An Otondo number 1 who can’t boil eggs to save a soul” , but I like eating and I’m also Creative , do something like this that I invented  “Baked Odorless Peanut spiced Locust beans ” .

Contact JFK Spices here

Contact Native Cookhouse CEO via 08023304886.

Final Note …

Did I collect money to write this article, no all I did was taste one or two of the above products these women do, and Shikena I’m now their evangelist. Thanks mum for the Oron Fish Peppersoup.