20 Money making blogging ideas you can begin right now in Nigeria to begin earning big within 2 months  or less. These are simple ideas you can begin asap.
As people are losing jobs by the day because of the Covid 19 devastating effects on the economy, you might want to consider an alternative source of income from Blogging. Below are 20 well researched ideas to make your idea juice flow or ideas you can instantly use to begin making money in blogging.
blogging your way to riches in 2020 and beyond

What To Know Before You Start Blogging

Before you begin blogging you must have a passion for something you want to blog about.
Most Nigerians hate reading, but please take your time to read these info and jot ideas you want- because within it lies your treasure.
You can blog right from home, sea, any where you like and make as much as 10,000 dollars monthly via advertisements from Google Adsense, affiliates programs & info marketing. In a Nutshell, with your mobile phone and laptop you can make money blogging any where in the world.
What You Should Know Before You Begin Making Money Blogging With This 20 Ideas


I know you know what a blog is .
If you don’t know , a blog is a website online that shares information, ideas, advice, tips, videos, images and knowledge about any thing the author fancy.
You must have visited a blog at one time or another.
 Example of blogs you know are : Bellanaija.com, yabaleftonline.com, e.t.c
Do not feel blogs are only about news , you can blog about anything such as : food, diet for diabetes patient, entertainment, Motivational activity, dating tips for single parents, How to raise children, how to quit masturbation, how to satisfy a woman in bed, in a nutshell you can blog about anything you like on this earth because there would always be people searching for it .
The Key thing is you must narrow down what you wish to base your blog on to a single topic, so that you can easily rank high on Google search engine and other search engine.


Online business is basically when you create a website for the business you do.
For example if you sell clothes, shoes, sex products, cars, children toys, spare parts, or anything, you can create a shop for what you sell online where people order and you have it delivered to them via waybill.
Example of online businesses are Konga.com, car45.com, jumia.com.
Blog is all about you sharing information online.
While Online business is all about you selling your physical products online.
However besides blogging or online business, you can also create a website that makes money for you without having to sell products or share information.
These are Known as community websites.


They are sites where people come together to interact, for social purpose, business purposes, and mutual interest.
They are platforms for online dating, friends meet up, job posting, houses for rent, among many others.
Community websites are the easiest to manage and make money from, because all you have to do is Open the website and people will come and register and connect automatically.
Facebook.com, nairaland.com, baddoo.com, mingle2.com, Twitter.com, jiji.ng, alibaba.com, YouTube.com, Pinterest.com are all examples of community websites.
Have you ever seen the owner of the above community websites post information or sell products?
No of course. But you see people going to the websites and joining to share their own info , and in the world of Internet the more people come to your website, the more money you make via advertisements, affiliates or infomercials.


Do you want to go blogging?
(Here you must be a good writer, or have pictures to always share or videos to always share) .
Do you want to start online business?
( Here you sell your products online , either the one you create or the one you buy and sell – so people from all over the world can know you, order from you and have it delivered to them via waybill.)
Do you want to create a community website?
(Here people connect online, meet up online, link up online, share ideas online, or do business with each other online – In this kind of website you the owner just sit at home and make money whenever people enter your site to interact. .Like Seun who owns Nairaland.com makes lot of dollars monthly doing nothing, but over 1 million nairalanders engage in the site and he makes money…He’s worth over 6 million dollars.


You Need A Domain Name/ Address

A domain name is simply how you get found online. for example yournameisawesome.com or ours here which is zionmedia.com.ng . Add your blogging niche to your website name and make the website memorable and fun, not too long. Check here (Is my website name idea available for use?)to see if your website name is available for use

The Post Covid Online Businesses That Will Thrive Beyond 2020

You Need A Place To Buy Your Domain Name And Hosting

Here is like registering your business with Corporate Affairs Commission offline so no one else can have access to the name but you. Online you need to register your domain name so that it can be easily found from all over the world. If you do not register it, then you would not be online. I registered this zionmedia to be found online by you.

I always believe in using the country domain extension to have your website name rank high in your country of hosting and improve your ranking worldwide. Here is what I mean

“I personally use the (com.ng)  domain name extension because it  is my country-code Top-Level-Domain system(ccTLD).   The registry assigned to handling  .com TLD by ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the umbrella body, while the registry assigned to manage the. ccTLD  of .com.ng is NIRA(Nigeria Internet Registration Association).’

‘In a nutshell using the .com.ng is just like how your Nigeria phone number must have +234 to be quickly verified as Nigeria’s. Using the .com.ng or .ng is just a way of making you ascend  higher ranking in your country while also ranking high world wide. You will still be found all over the world with .com.ng as fast as you will be found with .com. But it is better to be found at number one in search engine faster with .com.ng website than to be found at number 450 page with .com . Google and all search engine will readily present websites that are with .com.ng to Nigerians than .com. ” – Afolabi Ibrahim

Below is where I registered my .com.ng site and bough an host for this website you are on. Use it , I vouchsafe their authenticity. Domainking it is for me.

And It is so affordable, meaning you do not need to break the bank before you can earn money into your bank account.

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG


What You Need To Know About Owning An Online Radio Station

Have The Topics That People Will Want

You need to know what people will want to read via your intensive research and your website should solve their problem. Zig Zaglar said “if you help enough people get what they want, they will help you get what you want too”. Easy as ABC. A  wonderful colleague of mine Joy Figo Mazoje  is a female sport enthusiast. A lot of Nigerians are searching for football tips daily. I just recently advised her to begin football blogging. She will be the first female football blogger in the country soon. Watch out!
WHAT CAN I Blog about to make money in 2020 and beyond

Use The Right CMS For Your Blog

You need a Content management system for your website. A content management system is a working unit of things that makes your website a complete visual aesthetics and content ready place online. You do not need to know coding to begin a website. You can do it yourself with wordpress, blogger, wix , joomla and a whole lot of cms out there. Or you can employ a professional like me to build your blog , so that it will be ready for you to use and easily post your content from anywhere, or any device such as phone or laptop. I and my team create website that will be easy for you to use and rank top on social media  , and I am quick to proffering solutions to all of your website needs.


what cms can i use to make money blogging in 2020 and beyond

The Graphical Details On ‘How To Achieve Greatness Today’


I believe one of the true indicator of your passion is when you find out what you can talk about, teach , and do tirelessly even if it is for free.
My passion is touching lives , I have NGO in mind for that.
I love writing, I have created lots of blogs content for that.
 I’m a professional writer with gigs on Fiverr.com.
One of my good Friend Honorable Afamefula Maurice is passionate about making people laugh.
I once told him that he’d do great as an MC/Comedian.
Imagine if he begins a blog named MrSlimincomplexion(A unique funny attention grabbing name – it would be a hit) On his blog he can share his funny pictures, table breaking subs and lots more while also earning extra cash.
All these things I said above is to make you know you can blog no matter who you are.
what are money making passions in 2020
Now Here are :

20 Money Making Blog Ideas You Can Use To Earn Extra Cash In 2020 and Beyond

20 Money Making Blog Ideas
1) Dating Tips For Nigerian Single parents
2) Celebrities fashion police blog and fashion tips.
3) Business empowerment blog such as How to produce and market Local products e.g bleaching cream, soap, candles, air- fresher , mosquito repellent, and anything people like to buy.
4) How to make money in anything such as anything you are making money from such as Shawarma biz, fish farming biz, snail farming biz, cashew biz e.t.c.
5) Comedy blog for example the Honorable Afamefula Maurice Idea example I mentioned above…In this kind of blog you can Jab Celebrities, politicians, just make post that make people laugh and they will come back.
6) Dating Tips For 18- 30 years old in Nigeria and text messages for lovers blog.
7) How and where to get a job in Nigeria for fresh graduates without work experience blogs
8) Travel abroad tips and ideas blog.
9) How to cook  Calabar delicacies, or Hausa delicacies, Ibo Delicacies, Yoruba delicacies blog.
10) Prayers blog and Bible study blog
11) How to lose weight fast without going to the gym- Diet weight loss ideas for women.
12) Project Topic Ideas For Students in Nigerian universities for all courses of studies
13) Happening places & must see places in your state
14) How to decorate your home, office, and interior decorator designs with samples.
15) Pregnancy care ideas and tips on caring for new born babies blog.
16) How to write CV no matter the course you studied blog for those without work experience, for fresh graduates.
17) Horoscopes for Nigerians blog.
18) Couple relationships therapy blog.
19) Crime report blogs
20) Embarrassments Niches Blogs : E.g How to clear black spots, pimples, stretch marks, how to burn belly fat for women who just put to bed. Anything you feel people are ashamed of can be turned to a money making blog where you give out free tips and sell products at the same time.
21) (Bonus) Home Remedy Tips Blog..
Now you know about these things, what are you going to do with it? Will you just sit, coast and let the ideas waste?