Big Brother Naija Quick Facts

Over the years, I have taken time to watch Big Brother Naija and seen the trends.

Big Brother Nigeria’s first season started on March 5th 2006 with 14 housemates and was on for 92 days. It had Katung Aduwak as its winner. 

The second season of Big Brother Nigeria premiered 11 years after the first season on January 22, 2017 with 14 housemates and was on for 77 days. The name was changed from Big Brother Nigeria to Big Brother Naija (See Gobe ) and had Efe Ejeba emerge as its winner .


The third season was themed Big Brother Naija Double Wahala. It was premiered on 28th January 2018 with 20 housemates and ran for 84 days. Miracle Igbokwe was the winner.

The fourth season which was themed Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem was launched on 30th June 2019 with 26 housemates and ran for 99 days. This season had Mercy Eke as its winner .

Big Brother Nigeria’s first season Winner Katung

Big Brother Nigeria’s first season Winner Katung

Monotonous Style Of Big Brother Naija

Now let’s talk about the monotonous style of the Big Brother Naija show.

Brother Naija seems to have a monotonous style, especially when it comes to the housemates. There’s always a very rude and toxic person who thinks this attitude will set him or her higher than others, and there’s always a person that tries to win the hearts of the viewers by appearing to be from a poor background. 


Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as TBoss was the rude and lousy one that was always fighting with everyone, this attitude alone made her fan base increase and she ended up being the second runner up.

While Efe, was the guy that acted the poor background guy and won a lot of people’s heart through it and eventually became the winner. Whereas, someone like Bisola Aiyeola who was highly intelligent and well coordinated in the house ended up becoming the first runner up.

Big Brother Nigeria’s second season Winner Efe

Big Brother Nigeria’s second season Winner Efe


When season 3 started, we were expecting something much different but alas, we were presented with the same old same trend. There was obviously the rude person, and the one that used pity to appeal to viewers’ emotions.

Cynthia Nwadiora also known as Cee C was a thorn in everyone’s flesh especially with her unruly attitudes towards Tobi Bakare, yet she worn the hearts of so many people and ended up becoming the first runner up while Miracle Igbokwe became the winner. In this season, I can say it was fair enough that Miracle won because he was a cool, calm and collected guy in the house and grace was surely on his side.

Big Brother Nigeria’s third season Winner Miracle

Big Brother Nigeria’s third season Winner Miracle


Everyone actually thought season 4 was going to be different, considering the fact that viewers could now predict the winner or most popular housemate through their monotonous strategies , but we were wrong.

Just like every other seasons, we had the rude and toxic, and the person appearing to be local in order to get audience pity.

Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha was a housemate they never bargained for. She fought with virtually everyone in the house and she never felt remorseful because her fan base outside the house was extremely strong. She was 100% sure she would win Big Brother Naija season 4 before she got into a physical fight with Mercy Eke that earned her a disqualification. Yes, she was disqualified and one could see the kind of relieves the other housemates felt when she left. They were extremely happy.

Omashola was our coming from the poor background guy, he came into the house with very dirty shoes and told everyone they reminded him of his struggles. Of course, this earned him quite a number of pity from the audience and most people liked him even though he came fourth in the reality show.

Mike Edwards was almost everyone’s definition of a good guy with a lot of intellectual intelligence and a role model to most husbands, as he was opened about his marriage right from day one. He respected his wife a lot  and never got involved romantically with anyone in the house. Mike had all the potentials to win the show, even his fan base outside the house was very strong but just like Bisola Aiyeola In season 2, the good ones with a lot of potentials always come second and never first.

Mercy Eke won the show and some people were of the opinion that she won because she was always wearing revealing clothes to entice the audience, and not because she had the potentials.

Big Brother Nigeria’s fourth season Winner Mercy

Big Brother Nigeria’s fourth season Winner Mercy


Now season 5 of the show is coming up and we are here asking an important question… Should we be expecting a RELIEF or a REPEAT?

We are tired of the same style and trend back to back. It makes it easy to predict how the whole show will go and probably end. We hope and pray that this season will be different. Though I know that there should always be drama in the house and without the drama, the show might be boring, but that doesn’t mean the drama queen or king should always have more winning potentials against the intelligent, well behaved and coordinated housemates. This will only keep passing a message across that being rude and mean will get one ahead in life than being well behaved and respectful.

The winners are meant to be a good role model to most of their viewers and not someone that has behaviors that one can’t be totally proud of.

Season five of the Big Brother Naija show will premiere in July 2020 on DSTV pop up channel 198 and channel 29 on GOTV. We hope and look forward to something different with a lot of suspense rather than unnecessary dramas.