Virtual Age Reloaded : The Post Covid Online Businesses That Will Thrive Beyond 2020

Check out 8 Online Businesses that will continue to thrive and earn more money by the time this Covid-19 is over. See how businesses who are not online are counting their losses, among many other juicy info.

Most importantly find out how you can jump on the post Covid-19 virtual money machine, before it is too late.

Businesses who operate solely offline are now awakening to the harsh reality of how important the Virtual world is for business survival.

In the past I used to tell my clients how they’d fizzle out of existence in the year 2020 without an online presence. Lekkigarmentfactory listened to that advice in 2018,  some other businesses such as Ladelagos heeded to my advice earlier this year.

It is obvious beyond doubt that there are businesses who won’t be the same again after Covid-19 lock-down is totally over.

While some Blogs, Virtual Jobs sites, and online games websites were smiling to the bank despite the lock-down, there were other organizations completely offline throughout the lock-down.

Businesses and organizations without online presence that got affected adversely by the lock-down were Schools, Agriculture, Churches, Mosques, Restaurants among many others.


Online Business Written In Words

Some Businesses Wows And Woes During Covid-19 Lock-down

As for businesses with online presence nothing changed that much during lock-down, because they could still mail their customers, get new customers and still operate remotely without much change.

Imagine how an Organization as huge as Amazon grew fortune by 24 billion dollars amid corona virus pandemic, during a national lock-down. This tells you how so many local grocery stores missed out on the opportunity to meet their immediate neighborhood demands due to lack of online presence.

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In Nigeria for example most Farmers have not yet embraced the myriad opportunities of the Virtual world. As a result lots of farmers experienced loss as some of their products perished due to lack of transportation during the lock-down. Imagine a neighborhood with over 7,000 active people online, and how a farmer with online presence would have enjoyed lots of fortunes through home delivery of farm fresh Products to such neighborhood.

During the lock-down schools without online presence appeared so foolish and without any means of reaching their students. I can imagine how many schools will lose their students to schools with online presence. A school website should serve as a way to reach out to your staffs, students, parents and prospective clients. However those schools who were myopic to such opportunity are already paying dearly for it.

Churches , Mosques without online presence are  licking their wounds seriously as there was no means to reach out to their faithfuls during the lock-down. Imagine a church in a neighborhood of about 9,000 active online Christians without an online presence. This means when the building was on compulsory lock-down, there was no chance to get new members and the old members can’t be reached.

Why Social Media Alone Is Still Not Enough To Make Your Business Thrive  Post Covid 19

I laugh at businesses owners who believe all they need is just social media accounts such as what’s app, telegram, Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter.

It is okay to own a social media accounts for your business, no doubt about that. However owning just a social media account without owning a business website means you’re still not ready for business.

Imagine social media accounts as the cable subscription you pay, and a Website as the Television. Will it make sense to subscribe for Cable channels without a TV? No it won’t make any single sense.

Owning a business website means you can be found by everyone on the web. However owning just a business social media account means you can only be found by those on that particular social media. And there is no chance a person on social media will deliberately look for you on social media  without having first found your website.

However a person in your neighborhood might just reason that he needs to eat pizza right now, and he will visit Google and type “Pizza sellers in Jakande , Lekki Lagos”. I doubt if that person will make such query on Facebook or Instagram.

See I’m not saying social media cannot do the work, but I’m simply saying that you should see owning a business website as the main striker and owning  social media accounts as supporting strikers.

What’s Next For Your Business In This Post Covid 19 Age ?

Firstly I’d address businesses without online presence, then I’d address businesses with online presence.

Businesses without online presence need to repent and start seeing the online world as an asset rather than a liability.

It does not matter whether you build just a static website that addresses what your company does, or a dynamic website that is complex enough to accommodate an active community. One thing is sure, you’d never go wrong when you have a visible web presence.

You can create a blog within your website and address your neighborhood, targeting just the micro niche of your business location.

Imagine if you sell Shawarma in Ojodu Berger Lagos for example. Having a website for your Shawarma business will make you appear more professional, and you can use the website to offer home delivery service, while also using the blog of the website to spread info about Shawarma business. If you get just an extra 500 visits on your website on a monthly basis, that’s still nice, because the longer you’re on the web, the more you grow your audience.


You do not know the goldmine you are missing by not having your business online. A farmer friend of mine had 200 crates of rotten eggs due to the lock-down.  Imagine if he had a website of his business, that talked about eggs , poultry and the likes with target audience in Ibadan, he’d have at least over 4000 online clients.


Congratulations if your business is already online way before Covid-19 lock-down kicked in. However boo you if you didn’t record any growth in your online business during Covid-19.

Having a presence online is not just enough. There are a lot of stuffs your website still need such as : user experience, Search Engine Optimization and above all localized contents with the right keywords.

It will do you no good to have a business website that look like something a kindergarten pupil painted. Your website must have a simple appeal that welcomes any visitor with a promise of something good.

You should also have an idea of how Search Engine Optimization works when you have a website. Why will you have a website that’s slow, without mobile optimization and error beaten write ups. It is great to find out why competitors of your business are on top of search engine queries and do all you can to be like them or beat them.

Having  localized contents with the right Keywords will make your business thrive online in no time. Keywords are the ways you want your business to be found online. For example a ‘CNC laser cutting company in Lekki Lagos’ might be one way users search for a service of such via Google.

Owning a blog in your website where you share professional free information about what your business do is very key to getting more clients.I laugh at businesses with website whose blog is dysfunctional. Putting at least 3 latest articles on a weekly basis is one way to access people who need info on what you do. And there is no juicier way to get free email subscription of online users like when you put up the right information.

You can also use your website to create a mini online hub within your state, or local neighborhood. For example you can have a  ‘Shawarma business hub’ where various Shawarma business owners mingle , talk about where to get raw materials at a more affordable price and share ideas.


8 Online Businesses Ideas That Will Boom After Covid-19 Lock-down (Post Covid-19 Lockdown Next Big Online Businesses)


1) Food Delivery Online Businesses

The lock-down has now shown people how it is even much more safer to order food online than to eat out in a crowded food canteen. So if you are a canteen owner or a budding entrepreneur, you can begin a food vendor delivery service in your neighborhood.

Cartoon Picture Of A Food Delivery Man On Yellow Motorbike

2) Virtual Jobs(Online job/Remote jobs)

The lock-down has opened the eyes of a lot of companies. Those without a system that work online are wondering what to do next , while those with online presence are now wondering how to sack staffs whose jobs can be done by virtual workers.

In a nutshell, having a online site like Fiverr in your neighborhood or state for just virtual workers will make a lot of money post lock-down.

Picture some items needed for a virtual job

3) Online Lessons/ Virtual schooling

A sensible school these days should know that it is no longer a thing of compulsion to have a student come to school daily. Classes can also happen online. If you offer your educational services for online the way you do offline, you will thrive post Covid-19.

4) Farmers forum online

As a farmer you’re so myopic to think your food is needed by just personal consumers, and you’d be more myopic to think you can’t get foreign exchange from your products. Imagine having Cocoa, ginger farm,  for example.  A website that display your products daily will attract manufacturers who will buy your products. Matter of fact you can create an online hub for farmers within the niche of farm products you have, so that your website will be a go to place for such Business online.

Farmers Online In Written Words

5) Banking Online Businesses

If as a financial institution you’ve still not found a simple way to make your customers open account, and operate without visiting your office, then you’re going extinct soon. I like banks in Nigeria like Rubies , Opay. I didn’t leave home before opening account with them. As for Rubies bank I even got my Atm card delivered to me within 2 days, that was magical especially because they started their operation pre-Covid-19 period.

6) Cryptocurrency Businesses Online Are Worth A Shot.

During the lock-down the cryptocurrency world had a surge in new users. As a result of the surge in users, the prices of Bitcoin, Ethererum and Litecoin rose. Before the lock-down I was fond of seeing Bitcoin as a waste of time, but as it is now I am opening up to this world and damn I wish I had done so 7 or 10 years ago.

Anyways there are a lot of people like me whose eyes are beginning to open to Bitcoin as the lock down approaches it’s end. At Least who won’t want to look back in 2020 in the next 10 years and say at least I invested in something worthwhile during Corona virus era.

Various cryptocurrency coins logo

7) Blogging Is Still Bae ,But Niche Blogging is the baddest bae Ever.

If you think blogging will die today or tomorrow, then you’re myopic. A lot of bloggers laughed to bank during the lock-down. Matter of fact ‘Niche bloggers‘ enjoyed the most.

You see as I mentioned above I was curious about Bitcoin during the lock-down. I was so eager to read info about it . ‘Bitcoin’ is a Niche.

Niche such as ‘home remedies‘ also blew the scale during lock-down, and guess what people will still be seeking home remedies for a lot of things after lock-down. Other post lock-down niches to consider checking are :recipes, dating tips, courses in University tips, children educational materials, among many others. As I always emphasize, try to make your niche as localized as possible, it is better to rank number one for 200 users via search queries, than to be at the bottom of search engine.

Various written words of what niche blogging is about

8) Local Niche Classified Ads Websites:

Can’t you think up an idea based on classified ads within a single Niche? Imagine if you were the owner of a baby product shop, you can begin an online classified ads website for just baby Products  in Nigeria for example. Meaning not only will you get customers for your own biz, but you’d also provide a platform for other baby Products Sellers. You will make money through ads via such kind of website, in no time you’d be a major influence in such niche.

You’re going to go far in your business when you take it online. Do not hesitate to ask me any question via the comment , you can also share your idea on what you feel about all these. If you want to begin an online business today and do not know how to go about it, contact me or see Our Staffs Contact list