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How  “Under 40 Nigerians” Can Survive As Nigeria Turns 60 Years Old

Nigeria is turning 60 in a few days time, and if you are 37 years old like me, then Buhari was President in 1983.

Since the country Nigeria is still in teething stage at age 60, we youths of under 40 ought to gist about a way forward if we don’t want to be like Nigeria at 60.

I have 7 Important Questions for my fellow under 40 Nigerian youth and it is all about us. 50 Cent once said ” I’ve got 21 questions and it’s all about us”

I used to look up to the stars as a child and saw a bright future in me and Nigeria. Now as Nigeria approaches 60, I’m in sackcloth fasting, all I do now is pick up sand and try to listen to the tears of Heroes gone.

I won’t bore you with details of how the worst is yet to come in Nigeria, but I want to show you my own way out of this current mess called Nigeria. I am simply saying this because Messages comes from Mess and I have a message for Nigeria under 40 youths.

7 Questions You Must Honestly Answer Before You Clock 40 Years Old In Nigeria

1) Do You See A Future For Yourself As An Under 40 Nigerian?

You alone know the answer to that. But my own answer is this, yes I do. But I have to first leave this shore to see what other countries youths are doing.

First Tips For Every Nigeria Under 40 Youth As Nigeria Approaches 60

You must see a beautiful future for yourself today, and for the hereafter life.

It is a complete assurance of a great future that unlocks your enthusiasm, passion, drive , learning, persuasion and determination.

All you must do is constantly prepare for the future, through learning, practice, saving and praying.

The future is like a house you must build beginning from now.

When you enter the future it becomes the Gift called (Present )

A brick by brick every day can build the tallest building in 20 years time.(Then you’d be 60 if you’re 40 today – Never be this Nigeria you see at 60, never be!!!)

A drop of water each day will make a mighty river in 20 years time.

 Learn from Nigeria at 60 mistakes. Plan for yourself and posterity starting from this day. With God all things are pleasurably possible.

Begin Right Now…. Because Now is the Event that precedes the Next.

2) Do You Know The Hidden Treasures In You As An Under 40 Nigerian?

You and I are born with innate abilities. Like God our heavenly father we found ourselves in a dark, shapeless, formless void called Nigeria. What can you accurately do without first learning? Darn all your useless Nigeria degrees it will handicap you, and give you a welfare hand to mouth mentality like Nigeria at 60.

The government likes you that way, because that’s how they portray Nigeria to the world.

The Scary Stats You Probably Fit Into As An Under 40 years old Nigerian Today

First take a well researched article from Research Gate : Retiring with tears in Nigeria

Nearly 80% of Nigerians today fall in one of these categories :Job seekers, unemployed, underpaid, underutilized, and at most mediocre when compared to their counterparts in Developed nations. Checkout how they foresaw nearly 39 million Nigerians losing jobs by Guardian this 2020.

See one scary details of Expert predictions of How Nigeria is set to be poverty capital of the world for a generation

How many bankers die poor in Nigeria? Many.  Most former great Organization leaders are beggars today. So it is obvious the system is built to ground you to square 1. Where is Mtn Project fame biz? Maltina dancehall? That is for the top dogs we know. Now see what Vanguard Nigeria studies showed on how 80% of Nigeria businesses fail within 5 years.

This is why the leaders in power are stealing for a million years to come, because they know that following Nigeria Education can only make you fit for relegation.

Ask yourself these simple Questions about what you can do As an Under 40 Nigerian.

  • What do you like ?
  • What’s your difference from other Nigerians of your Age?
  • Are you great in Research and development like me?
  • Are you more productive alone like me or you work well with people and teams?

Be your greatest investigator.

  • What problems do you enjoy solving?
  • What environment inspires you the most in Nigeria?
  • What’s your most pressing need today?

For example here are my own personal Assets (With or without Nigeria near worthless degrees)

  • Research and development
  • Meditation
  • Generosity
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Self Defense skills

Yours might be one of the above like mine. Or yours might be listening and helping weaker people like my friend called Joy Figo Mazoje who’s also a Sport Analyst.

I nearly went into wrestling because of my Mixed martial arts background, but the wrestling industry in Nigeria is crappy. However Nigeria mixed martial arts star Kamaru had to go live abroad to exhibit this his gifts. Even Anthony Joshua did not thrive as a boxer here until he went to Britain.

The true story of Nigeria today is, no one from here will believe you until you leave the shore and become internationally acclaimed.

Your innate abilities are from God, it is what will liberate you from the cesspit of a country called Nigeria.

The Bible says ” We all have this treasure in our bodies, so that the Excellency of the power within us might be of God and not of men”.

The people who made America great were Inventors not mere workers. You are a staff because you are simply putting aside your own personal skills to build another man’s business. When he chews you out he spits you out and screams next? Your children answer.

My Office is now on air, purely virtual because as I predicted in 2018, if you are not virtual as a biz in Nigeria you’d be extinct starting from 2020.The Post Covid Online Businesses That Will Thrive Beyond 2020

Does owning an online multiple stream of income make me Hushpuppi? No .

I left a crappy paying managerial position under a sourpuss Employer in July 2020, just to man my own Business.

Will I make it? Watch out and read on please.

3) Do You Know your weaknesses as a Nigerian under 40 years old?

Nigeria is a country where lies thrives. From your parents lies to your teachers, then your friends on social media to the pastors , religious leaders and their fathers of liars “politicians”.

Since the 70’s lies have been in the country, naturally as the press Agenda Setting Theory says ” We take the shape and form of the place we find ourselves”.

My liberation began recently. Covid-19 opened my blind eyes. The first thing I learned is ” Never lie to you”. You must never lie to you. And with God by your side never lie to anyone. It is not worth your future.

Social Media taught me to live fake life from the get go, so my little change got me snapping pics to impress someone.

Then I saw how Hushpuppi the scam artist went down and how freeze the stupid got disgraced, then I was more like darn…Never lie to yourself and to anyone, you will be exposed.

What’s my own Weaknesses as an under 40 Nigerian?

  •  Impatience with the slow to learn.
  •  I get easily angered by injustice to children, single mothers and the poor . ( I was raised by a single mother, so my anger was created from day one by a runaway father.(Ako coincidentally a pastor today, still never looked back…..Cold cold world)

What Are You Going To Do About Your Weaknesses As A Nigerian Youth Under 40?

Here is how I wrote my own strategy of overcoming the weaknesses I inherited from Nigeria.

My impatience with those who are slow to learn suddenly developed into impatience towards waiting on God. Lol. I seem to want what I want when I want it. More like a person who wants to see a woman conceive and give birth on the same day. Abba!!! Only God said Zion will be born in one day as a nation, and I’m just his child not him.

In the past, this particular Weakness made me abandon many projects unfinished. I was George Finidi in jobs, businesses, and projects.(P-Square said ” No start wetin you no fit finish , I no be George Finidi).

How Nigeria Builds Your Weaknesses Through Leadership By Example

The Nigeria Government will begin a project and leave it for 7 generations after to complete it. Even Buhari himself has projects from 1983 when I was born that he’s yet to complete in 2020 when I am reborn. Ask Nepa turned PHCN.

Checkout this Researchgate lists of abandoned public sectors construction projects in Nigeria

How My Eyes Opened To The Pain My Inherited Nigerian Weakness Is Creating

My Ex Wife took my children and left me on August 16th 2020, just after I gave her a birthday treat 2 days before.

Then my eyes opened. Her departure made my eyes clear, because I saw how it feels to leave projects unfinished. I was a work in progress, she left me and her desertion served me a cold plate of “This is what it means to start something and not finish it”.

She took my world, children and left me in a cold blooded manner on Sunday for that matter.

Now here I am over a month after she left doing a serious self critical evaluation.

How Do I Plan To Overcome Impatience And My Inherited Nigeria Weakness?

First work harder on it by having tenacious power. Then rush back to the abandoned projects I inherited from my forefathers , which I once ignored due to religious , educational and modernism or foolishness.

Healfastfruits a skill I inherited from my God and forefathers was launched coincidentally on my Ex Wife Birthday will not be deserted.

I have now married my new wife born from this ZionMedia “God owned Project”.

I will write on healfastfruits 3 times weekly non stop(I have uncountable parchments of these secrets), make her love me , spend all to make her great. While at the same time healing from the emotional hurt of my Ex Wife.

As I even speak, nearly 2000 people know healfastfruits already. A project just a bit over 1 month old , that’s a great start.


For a blog just over a month old to have near 2000 view it means something real is happening there.

I vow never to be like Nigeria Government who let good projects die, and is my first sign.

How Not To Be A Puppy In The City When You Can Be A Lion In The Town As An Under 40 Years Old Nigerian

I lived in Lagos since 1999 when I moved in from Kano. With over 70 million naira spent on education, feeding, accommodation, losses in businesses, losses to scammers and many more, is it worth it? Now my problem is that I was sold a hype on how city life is the way to success, however what I learned so far is as you make the money in the city, the same city consumes it.

There are a lot of fools with lands in their villages, who squat in the city of Lagos in a dog flea infested room full of 7 other squatters. The city hype tells you that is hustle, lol how foolish can a trend spread to the detriment of the youths stupid enough to swallow it.

Darn it Recently I began a Locust beans and Epa Ijebu exporting trade. Even Dangote had to relocate to his village as a youth before he exceled. In your villages there are trades, products and items you can be a middleman trader in the city for. Or best still technology level ground of internet can make you go into exportation via amazon or your website created to cater for your businesses.

No more dignity in living in an over congested city where you get salaries and burn it before the month ends. The old hype of 70’s move to city for green pastures has been burnt to ashes by overpopulation. As Nigeria is on the verge of probable division don’t you think it will be wiser to go buy lands in your village before it happens.

The world as we know it is changing faster and agriculture is more relevant today as oil money expires due to inventions of electric cars and eco friendly machines. So be a huge farmer in the village who exports to the city , than to be a beggar of beans in the city.

Jumoke  my co-staff dealt extensively on these Agricultural Varieties of Opportunities.

How a Nigerian Youth of Under 40 Can Deal With Anger at Injustices.

Nigeria of today September 30th 2020 is a crisis ridden nation filled with so much corruption, sorrow and helplessness.

It is so frustrating to watch so much helplessness without having the voice to do nothing.

I see more pains in people than my resources can heal, so I feel depressed by these things.

My plan is to leave this country to somewhere else away from all these things.

Jay-Z asked “How can I help the poor if I am one of them?” Yoruba Quotes ” One Rich man among many poor people is poor as well, or on the route to poverty”.

I will travel out of this country to strengthen myself through deep rooted research, power shifting self revolution, then one day I will return to be the Change I desire to see. Simple.

Otherwise I fear I might join them since I am still too alone to beat them.

This country corrupts even the incorruptible, even saints are at risk in Nigeria.

As I am on this 7 days fasting till October 5th 2020 , I looked in the spirit and all I see is evil nearly everywhere in Nigeria.

I see no reason to be proud of Nigeria of today.

I’m the Journalist who hates to even open Nigerian newspapers because it destroys hopes, joy and dreams.

Familiarity breeds contempt so I’m fleeing this contempt ridden country to somewhere far or near. I will return in the future, but only to make the great difference for Good and God.

I will return only after all these Evil ones in the corridor of helms of affairs  go down in the desert called Death. They will all go down like the proverbial corrupt Israelites of Old who died on the route to the promised Land.

Flee the Nigeria where Buhari of Old Still Rules If You Are A Nigerian Under 40

They failed their generation. We are Joshua, Caleb and under 40 ones who will enter the promised Land of New Nigeria.

Benson Idahosa is really pissed off with all of them. Samuel Ajayi Crowther is mad at the evil Yoruba’s who support them. All the ones who left their blood on the land to set up the foundation of these independent days are furious.

The missionaries who travelled with their lives in hand to plant a Nigeria nation are sad. Their cries have reached the ears of my Lord Jesus Christ – now a great disaster is about to begin. They will kill themselves, the land will vomit them and be purged.

I am leaving Nigeria for the first time ever. I Am an Israelites descendant whose forefathers settled here over 500 years ago.

Run if you’re under 40 ! Run from this Nigeria, they are planning terror as we speak, Run!!! And If you cannot run out of the country, run to the village, the cities are about to boil hot.

4) What Will You like to Change About Yourself As An under 40 Nigerian?

I would like to change my lack of Trust for people. The last shred of my trust left when my ex wife deserted me with the children to follow someone else.

Darn!!! Makes it feel so right not to trust someone, since Ako left 37 years back without looking back. Now the once baby mama I married 5 years ago also left.

Governments lie, churches steal, and now all my trust is gone just because I landed in Nigeria.

This my spill over lack of Trust landed on even my God. Matter of fact recently I asked him this question “ If these many churches abound in Nigeria and you call us the light of the world, why is there no electricity?”. (My business needs electricity, so I had to vent because PHCN created frustration by questioning God.)

God answered me …..He answered me well and his answer was something like this “ It is their choice to sit and pastor many folks while the nation they are in perish.’ This is caused by the disunity in most Nigeria Churches fueled by politics and deceits “. Darn that answer humbled me. God is not to blame, the Churches leaders are to blame. See Osibanjo too who went to politics for the Church, he’s even eating raw with them negative politicians now.

The grain of Good men of God are buried by the sea of “Politicians in Pastors clothing“. Many of them only brought in their voices only when the same corruption they pretend to ignore spewed out “CAMA“.

The only consistent speaking men of God against all corruption are: David Oyedepo(He boldly declared Buhari regime as the worst ever in Nigeria) and Chris Oyakhilome (Tackles Buhari over seeking polluted vaccines from abroad).

Freeze the OAP was planted by the politicians to keep the others scared and he did that well.

I want to truly change from this no trust people mindset , unfortunately Nigeria won’t help me to achieve this goal.

Nigeria’s system of today will kill your ability to even trust your own self, let alone anyone else.

I plan to change my lack of trust by going back to Israel soonest. We True Israelites are direct, blunt , forthright and the prosperity in Israel is enough proof to the fact that Trustworthiness pays.

5) As An Under 40 Nigerian Youth, Who Are Those Who Encourage You In Nigeria Today?

In Nigeria of Today I have only one person I respect. Fearless, never hides the Truth, he does not mix with evil ones. He single handedly donated millions of dollars to a Nigerian University BIU.

He is Chris Oyakhilome.  This country that loves to kill truth rose against this man when he talked about the 5G evil effect. He talks when they all act mute, and while they all voice out about the Government intrusion of Church money , he just watched on. After all the guiltless have nothing to fear.

I do not attend his church yet, but in my University of Lagos Diploma days, Chris Mozuya, my friend told me about Christ Embassy. He persuaded me to attend at a point that really helped my academic performance that year. Then in youthful exuberance I deserted(Remember my weaknesses mentioned above).

Now I watch him via YouTube and see the Ageless looking man of God give hope to youths. Chris Oyakhilome is the only man of God who consistently shares free books on Nigeria Independence day. That man makes me believe in Nigeria’s future.

At one point of my life I was critical of Chris Oyakhilome when he experienced divorce. Now I understand clearly how it feels, because one of the reasons my ex claimed she left was because I became born Again. Life and the cycle we go through.

I have never met Pastor Chris Oyakhilome one on one , but he’s my encouragement from Nigeria. Next is Mike Murdock, though in the USA, I access him online. He’s an awesome man whose wife also divorced him.

Why do women run away from good men ? When I was in the world my Ex wife stayed. I gave my life to Jesus on July 20 2020, she left on August 16th 2020. She didn’t even make me clock 1 month old in Christ . Lol. What a world!

 I did not resist her move to leave with my children just for the love of God and I didn’t want to make a scene in the innocent Children’s presence.(Note I’ve never beaten her in my life, will never beat a woman – I was raised by a single mom before my first and second step father emerged- so I was trained by mum not to hurt women with physical abuse)

6) What False Perception, Teaching, or Philosophy From Nigeria Do you still find a challenge to Overcome?

As for me I was trained to believe God was one vengeful Ogre seeking who to punish. I saw God like all those our teachers of old who used whips at will. Or as my mum who never spared the rod on me from an early age. You Know African mothers for sure if you were born in the 80’s. My kid step siblings of 90’s were lucky enough not  to meet my mum of the 80’s “a single mother who whipped the last trace of my runaway father’s character from me”.(The training helped , I swear to my scars it did help…lol)

As children these things were frightening to us then , and when cane couldn’t correct us our parents used God. Lol.

I grew up first in Kaduna where I was born and then moved to Kano. The perception about Christians got me so scared of God growing up. Remember the Riot that happened when Reinhard Bonnke intended to visit Kano? I was there, so you can clearly understand. I grew up running away from God instead of running towards him.

Run away from God as a Nigerian Youth and you’d live to regret it as an old man. I have lots of examples of over 60 years old Nigerians who didn’t know God as youths to learn from. Look around you, are they not obvious to see?

I did not know of the true love of God until my ex wife deserted me. If it was not for God I’d have committed suicide when she took the children and left. Nigeria is so evil today that the moment a woman does evil and cries crocodile tears to the public they crucify the man.

No one hears the man out , so you can understand why I ran deeper to God when she left me. I don’t want to deal with some fools on Social Media, so I’m better off crying to God Alone.

Today the same God who stood by me via his Holy Ghost and his Words when she left has set me free from her spells.

The truth indeed makes us free.

Do not live with Lie in your DNA and do not die without solving an unresolved false perception.

It is false perception that holds us hostages, not an enemy outside. I killed all my false perception about God and all the false people in my life left on their own . That’s simple.

7) What Are The Best Truths You’ve Ever Proven About Yourself As An Under 40 Nigerian?

Your persuasion decides your progress in life. If you do not know what to believe about you or God , then you will soon cease to live. Or you will be a walking dead, like a snake walking on a Rocky mountain Nigeria without leaving a trace you ever came here.

As for me I Proven the truth about my generosity. I do not know how God makes it work, but it works.

I had a near fatal fire accident in April 28th 2014 Abuja, I got nearly 2 million naira in donations. Before then I was a giver who would give until I had nothing for myself. When the accident happened I received so much more than I could spend. And gave out surplus to the patients in that same Asokoro General Hospital where I was admitted. God made me emerge from the hospital without a face scar , despite the fact that I didn’t undergo surgery. I only have a left hand scar and my ankle scars to show for a 3rd degree fire accident where doctors predicted my death to my face.

I prove with the above that my generosity pays. When my Ex Wife left with my 2 sweet Children, I gave out all my remaining Properties to people including a local Church I don’t attend near my former house.

All I left that haunted house with was my tears, laptop, phones , 2- 5 tops and trousers, plus Nigeria certificates. I also left with a big dream in my heart to begin from the scratch again.

Build your life from inside and the Nigeria you desire to see will emerge, wait for no one, we are approaching 60 fast. Never be 60 and look like the Nigeria you see today.

Watch out for me. What about you?