The financial storm is coming in on the world again, but this time it will hit so hard and fast that companies, individuals and families will sink in a huge financial recession. The call of evolution is upon us because Covid 19 exposed charlatans for who they are(Corrupt Politicians, Pseudo Scientists, Conmen Pharmaceutical Industries).

To me Covid 19 is more of a blessing than curse. Of course I feel the pain of those who lost their loved ones ,but it had to happen one way or another.
This period is God’s way of leveling the playing field of Earth. A time for those who were marginalized to rise to the top in their various fields and professions.
Self Investment
The only investment you need right now is self investment and improvement. The world is now moving at alarming speed as Robots will emerge to take jobs, virtual workers will replace the old school 9-5 workers, this means you can get as much as 20 different jobs a month or no job ever again.
Really you have a lot to fear. Your posterity depends on your decision right now. You can choose to sneer and say ‘You’d be fine’ or choose to arise and do everything it takes to secure your future.
Invest In Your Future Today
Here are examples of what I feel you should begin considering as your investment options : Online Assets (Websites, Cryptocurrency, Robotics, Digital Skills) , Offline Assets ( Agriculture, Properties, and Hone Your Talent.)
Find Investments That Suits You
Who would have thought the world would ever go on complete shutdown and still survive ?
 This is an indication that the major players in various Industries are now innovating ways and devices to keep those buzzing staffs out of the office forever; so they can save space, time and money while doing so.
Self Investment pay
 Corona Virus taught everyone a special kind of lesson, do not wait to learn the hard way before jumping on the moving train of a ‘Global Occupation Shift” – Year 2020 ,and beyond it is!