In this article, you’ll learn how to make use of communities and leasing to become a successful farmer, invest in or run a successful agribusiness.

This article is based on my personal research over time. I’m sharing it with you because it has helped me greatly. I believe we Africans have to get rid of the “me, myself and I” mentality. So, I’m leading by example.

The Future is Young…

How to Make Money from Agriculture Business Without Farming 

Youths are the future of agriculture in Africa, especially the giant of Africa, Nigeria. I know I just stated the obvious. But I want you to let that sink in. You’re the future…

But today it seems like everyone—government, policymakers—who should be helping us are actually working against us. So, we’ve to stand for ourselves.

This is why  group of professionals who’ve been in agriculture and agribusiness for a long time decided to create communities that support your dreams. They make it easy for you to create a steady source of income while also contributing to Nigeria’s economy.

Another way to run a successful business in the agriculture and food sector is through leasing. I will be sharing two types of leasing with you and how you can make it a business.

Also, I’m a member of these communities and I’ve profited greatly from them. That’s why I thought it best to share. Because at the end of the day, “We rise by lifting others”.

I’ll start with the communities. There a lot of organizations out there but I’ll focus on these two. Because I know they’re really all about helping farmers and people in agribusiness succeed. 

Okay. Let’s do this!


Life Plus Foundation International and Xtra large Farms.


Benefits Of LifePlus For You


Who They Are

Life Plus came to life when a group of professionals chose to create a community to help business owners achieve their dreams with ease.

Life Plus was founded about two years ago in Nigeria and is currently available in twenty-two out of thirty-six states in Nigeria. They are currently available in six countries in Africa.

China is raising entrepreneurs, while Nigeria is raising graduates. The difference? Orientation. One goes out looking for problems to solve, another looks for solutions (jobs)!”

The first time I listened to the President of LPFI this was what he had to say. The sad truth.

 Well, communities like Life Plus are helping us to change that narrative!

This community is full of farmers like you and I.  But have been in the game for long. They have successfully found an effective way for us—Nigerian farmers—to work, make money and contribute to the economy. 

Although, Life Plus has a non-agriculture side. We’ll be focusing on the agriculture aspect for today. 

What Lifeplus Do

Life Plus is in the business of providing you with the right training, mentorship and market for your farm products.

If you are truly interested in farming, you’ll surely find a farm business you want to start from their list. They offer-

  • Snail farming.
  • Rabbit farming.
  • Goat rearing.
  • Pig farming.
  • Fish rearing.
  • Animal feed production.
  • Vegetable farming.
  • Mushroom farming.
  • Grasscutter farming.
  • Beekeeping 
  • Poultry.


As I earlier said, you’ll definitely find something thing you like on the list. To become a member, all you need to do is choose from one of the agriculture business they offer and register for it online or in-person. 

Then you attend the training. After that, you start your business as soon as possible!

That’s all. You don’t have to bother about who to sell to or how to sell. Because that’s their job. They help you sell your products.


How does LifePlus work For Your Benefit?


Life Plus takes all your main concerns when it comes to farming and agribusiness. And, helps you convert them to your strong points. 

If you really want to understand what Life Plus stands for, you have to know their slogan. It’s, “Now you can!”. And, that’s it. They make it possible for you to fulfill your dreams as a business owner in Nigeria.

They picked the major problems agripreneurs have and created these solutions-



Capital to start business 


Let’s be honest, you  not having money to start your business is a big issue.

I mean you have the idea. You know what to do. But no cash. And, unlike what they claim our banks aren’t so helpful. 

Life Plus feels the pain of young people like you and I. This is why they created a cooperative. One where you can borrow money with ZERO interest rate.

But you’ve to be a LIFE PLUS MEMBER and join their cooperative if you want to take a loan.


  • Mentorship

(very helpful especially if you’re a first time farmer).

I remember when I first decided to start my snail business. I was very excited. I had it all planned out…or so I thought.

I noticed that people had a hard time cleaning snails—from removing their shells, to cleaning their flesh. And, it took a lot of time.

So, I decided to start selling smoked snails. Man, I was pretty sure no one else was doing it. I didn’t even bother trying to look for a snail farmer or expert to ask. I was ready!

I got the first batch ready and packaged them. I had rehearsed what I was going to say. I also had the list of restaurants and super markets I was going to visit. I was ready for business and I dressed the part!

Even though I had no prior appointment. It was very easy for me to talk the sales rep into allowing me see their managers. And, you know the best part? Most of them liked my idea!

 But, the conversations ended the same way, “I don’t think it’s hygienic to buy snails processed this way”. Then they’ll say something like, “Oh, I like the fact that you’re young and trying all this already”. Of course, I appreciated their response but I needed a “Yes” and not a pat on the back!

Although, this experience didn’t make me give up. It made me research more. Instead of just jumping out, I sat back and thought of what to do. That was when I started talking to people. Then I came across Life Plus. 

I learned a whole lot from guys in the game. People who are ready to listen to you and show you how your to go about your business. 

So instead of selling just smoked or frozen snails. I learned from them that it’s best to go into the snail farming business fully. If I have someone who wants to make a special order, say smoked or frozen snails. Then I get it done!

I learned all this and so much more for free! And, you can too.



  • Genetically modified plants/ animals


What did you learn in Entrepreneurship101? Always, look for a problem to solve!

You need this lesson more than ever in Farming and agribusiness. 

There’s a constant demand for a lot of farm products. But ask yourself this question. Is what you have what the buyers need?

Have you heard of fortified Cassava? A cassava that contains Vitamin A. A lot of food industries now prefer this type to the former. 

Because, it’s healthier and better for their consumers. Also, they don’t have to use palm oil to make the Garri yellow anymore. The fortified version is naturally that color. 

Another example, before a snail can start laying eggs it would take about eight to nine months before reaches maturity.

But in Life Plus, you get a modified breed. Which takes just six months before it begins to lay eggs. And, it lays eggs twice in a month!

So, your customers don’t have to wait too long for your stock (snail) to reach maturity. And, in a single year you can have two sets ready for sales. Unlike having to wait for more than eight months.

Basically, Life Plus knows the needs of the buyers and they help you to meet it. So you don’t end up wasting your time or money.

Remember, it’s what buyers needs that matter the most.

Imagine growing just the corn that we eat every day? When you can always grow the ones that are needed by industries and restaurants for processes food. And make more money!

If you want your business transaction to be a business to customer (B2C) one. That’s fine if that’s what you want. But if you want to make a huge profit, it’s best you meet the needs of a larger audience e.g. food industries, restaurants etc. 



  • Market (buyers are always available)


Imagine putting so much work into your business—planting, harvesting, processing, packaging—and not finding a buyer? Ah.

I know it could be very frustrating and I feel for every farmer and agribusiness owner out there. 

This is why I’m here to help you. 

If you’re just starting your own business, you need to know this too. 

Life Plus has you covered. You’ll be surprised how high the demand for some products are. All you need is to have the right connection.

Life Plus acts as a middle man between you and the buyer. Are your farm products ready for sales? Good! Just place a call through to them.

Remember I said Life Plus is available in twenty two out of the thirty six states in Nigeria. I’m pretty sure your state is among them. Even if it isn’t. They’ll always  connect you with the buyers in your state or anywhere else. 

You’ll have buyers in and outside the country. All thanks to Life Plus. 

How To Join LifePlus Easily


  • You get the registration form. Fill and submit.
  • You then attend your choice training and start your business!


(For the registration form you pay a token of #1,000. While,  you pay a one-time membership fee of #15,000. And, this includes all the benefits you’ll be getting—mentorship, product marketing/ sales and so much more!)

  • If you need access to the zero loan. You’ll have to join their cooperative.

Join Now

If you are interested in becoming a member. You can do so now. By connecting with me directly on WhatsApp  or contact them directly via their website


Xtra-large Food Network


xtralarge goodies

Who They Are

Xtra-large food network was created by it’s parent company, Xtra-large Farms.

Basically, they’re on a mission to raise a generation of passionate farmers. 

How they achieve this? They take care of the average farmer’s fears. All you need do is to produce. They package, market, sell and distribute your products.

You don’t just get to farm what you eat. You also have access to quality, organic foods and you can also start generating huge income.


What Xtralarge Does For You


Xtra-large food network bridges the gap between the farmers and consumers.

They’re creating a large consumer base for farm produce and food items in general.

I believe what they do liberates the farmers from the usual stress. Whether it packaging or marketing issues etc.

Also you don’t even have to be a farmer to enjoy the benefits!


10 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Join Xtralarge Now

1) Start up capital is just #8,500 (as of today). 

2) People need food everyday. And, the more they eat. The more successful you become in Xtra-large.

3) You have the opportunity to get free, fresh and quality food items constantly.

4) You get trained and exposed to the secrets of making it big in on Agriculture.

5) You become your own boss by working from the convenience of your home and having multiple streams of income.

6) You become a brand ambassador to one of the leading upcoming brands in Nigeria (Xtralarge Foods).

7) You earn huge commission by promoting services related to food and agriculture from Xtralarge Farms.

8)  You get the opportunity to plant what you eat without visiting the farm.

9)  You get a parcel of land for free. But for the purpose of farming. Get trained on the profitable things to do on the land.

10) You also get a super deluxe 3 bedroom bungalow in a quiet and peaceful Estate. Rent free. Lease free. Totally yours!

Bonus point- You can earn huge bonuses on food consumed by you and your friends!


How Does Xtralarge Work?

You register to become a member by paying a one time registration fee of #8,500.

After this you get your induction package of #1,500 and this qualifies you for agriculture training, immediately!

All together, there are five stages on this program. And, they are:



  • Induction Stage  (Stage 0)


You have to invite at least two of your friends. Although this stage requires seven people. So you can move to the next stage. You and six others.

But you can invite two people and each of them can invite two others too. Or you can invite all six by yourself.

Whichever way works for you. 

Also, you get a direct referral bonus of #1,000 on the number of people you invite. 

When you complete this stage you get a step out bonus of #500. Which is added to your referral bonus for the number of people you invited directly.

Compensation Plan

  • Referral bonus – #1,000/ Referral 
  • Step out bonus – #500
  • Total payout = #7,000



  • Family stage (stage 1)


To complete this stage, you need fourteen people who have finished the induction stage to join you.

Once you’ve fifteen people,  (including yourself) you’ve completed this stage. You’re then given food items worth #50,000 and #10,000 cash.

Then you move to the next stage. Community stage.

Compensation Plan 

  • Matrix bonus – #2,000 × 14 = #28,000
  • Step out bonus – #32,000
  • Total payout – #60,000



  • Community Stage (Stage 2)


For you to complete this stage you need fourteen people from the family stage to join you here. 

Once this stage is filled with fifteen people (you and fourteen others). You get #100,000 cash (paid to your bank account), #56,000 matrix bonus/ food items.

Then you move to the next stage. National stage.

Compensation Plan 

  • Matrix bonus – #4,000 × 14 = #56,000
  • Step out bonus – #100,000
  • Total payout – #156,000
  • Additional incentives – food stuffs – #10,000 worth for the next six months – #60,000



  • National Stage  ( Stage 3 )


In this stage, fourteen people who have completed their community stage will have to join you here.

When you have fifteen people (including you), you step out to the final stage!

For completion, you get matrix bonus/ food items of #112,000 and a step out bonus/ cash of #300,000.

Also, you get a plot of land for free! But, this land is meant for farming.

Xtralarge farms then trains you on what you can do to make profit on the land. 

It will interest you to know that the plot of land is yours for life and given to you for FREE by Xtralarge Farms.

Compensation Plan 

  • Matrix bonus – #8,000 × 14 = #112,000
  • Step out bonus – #300,000
  • Food stuff worth #20,000 for the next six months = #120,000
  • Total payout – #532,000
  • Additional incentives – 1 plot of land for farming.
  • Free agricultural training.



  • International Stage (Stage 4) 


In the final stage, you need fourteen people to join you from the national stage.

When you complete this stage, you get #224,000 matrix bonus and a step out bonus of half a million naira. 

Plus, a tastefully built three bedroom bungalow in the Xtralarge green gardens Estate. Best part? It’s free and yours for life!

Compensation Plan 

  • Matrix bonus/ food item – #16,000 × 14 = #224,000
  • Step out bonus – #500,000
  • Total payout – #774,000
  • Additional incentives – 3 bedroom bungalow in the Xtralarge green gardens Estate.


Why I Like Xtralarge Foods Network

All the farm products are made by farmers like you and I. Who joined the network too. Even if you aren’t interested in the farming aspect—you can always lease your land out to someone who is.

Also, you get a FREE home! I’m all about real estate investment. But, who isn’t? I doubt any one can say to additional assets. The farm land and the home are yours for life.

You can track your progress through your smart phone. Add people, see how many more you need to move to another stage etc. 


Join Xtralarge Easily Now

If you’re interested in joining you can contact me directly on WhatsApp. ) or do so by registering through this their website. Or  You can also register here

Okay. So, let’s move to leasing…


Leasing involves you using a land (that doesn’t originally belong to you) for a year or more with the consent of the owner.

Do you’ve a land you aren’t planning to use now or don’t know what to do with it? I think it’s best you lease it to a farmer.

Depending on the type of agriculture lease or agreement with said farmer—you could get cash or farm products as a gain.


5 Reasons Why You Should Do this

  • As a landlord, instead of leaving your land empty. You can easily make money from it via leasing.
  • Also, you’re sure of a steady source of income for a fixed amount of time.
  • You help the farmer save a lot of money by using a leased land. Money the farmer can put into his business.
  • You can decide to invest in the farmer’s business and get your own profit from the proceeds.
  • You can lease any empty space you aren’t making use of.

There are various types of leasing especially when it comes to agriculture. We’ll talk about a few:


              Farm Land Lease    


Farm land lease is the most common form of lease in agriculture. 

And, it comes in two ways. Cash rent and crop share lease.

  • Cash rent lease – You give out your land to a farmer for a particular time and he gives you money in return. 
  • Crop share lease – You get a share of the crops produced in exchange for the use of your land.

For me, I think this is the best. Because you’ve to invest in the farming business. You do so by agreeing with the farmer to pay a certain percent of the input cost.

You (or the farmer) could sell your own share of farm products or use them yourself.

There are a few risks involved in agriculture lease. So, I suggest you read this

 simple and easy to understand article.  

Farm Machinery and Equipment Lease



If it depreciates lease it, if it appreciates, buy it” _Paul Getty.

I agree with Paul. But, aside the appreciate and depreciate factor. We’ve the cost factor.

 A large percentage of the Nigerian farmers are small scale farmers. How does such a farmer afford heavy farm equipment that cost nothing less than ten million? The right answer is: they don’t.

So, this is a good niche to invest in. Because a lot of farmers have been educated on why to use this equipment. As a matter of fact, many are using them. But, we don’t still have enough.

5 Reasons Why You Should Do this 

  • You have a consistent and fixed flow of cash for a given period of time.
  • You can decide to sell the equipment to the farmer(s) at end of the lease period. Add some money to your gain and purchase a new machinery.
  • You don’t have to operate the farm machinery yourself. You can always hire experts to do so.
  • If you’re a farmer, you can easily upgrade the leased equipment. Or partner with other farmers to do so.
  • You don’t have to make full payment at once. You can have a written agreement with the manufacturer or distributor on when and how to pay.

I recently read a post on Twitter that talks about this. The author gave a detailed explanation on how and why you should go into farm machinery leasing. 

This article will help you understand all you need to know about going into such business in Nigeria.

 It was written by @EletaValentine He’s a farmer and Agribusiness investment consultant and research fellow at IITA. You should connect with him for more information.

Checklist of a Successful Lease

  • You and the lease (the person you’re leasing to) should agree on the leasing terms.
  • You should make sure you both get along and always discuss difference.
  • Do you trust the person? If you want, you can request for a guarantor isn’t a bad idea too.
  • You should clearly state both parties obligation in the written lease. And both of you should agree on it.

We Are Here!

In life, it’s never about the money. But, how you can use your money to make more money. 

I’ve presented you with ways you can now. 

Join one of these communities today. 

 Also, don’t let your free land space waste away. When you can always make money from it and help a farmer or two.

I really hope you got a thing or two from this article. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comment section!

Also, you can always connect with me on social media. Peep my handle names below! (: