We all have days when the mood swing just roll in without warning us and we find ourselves wondering how to come out of that web quick enough before someone gets the brunt of our moodiness. Yeah, happens to the best of us. Find out how I snap out of a blue day within minutes.


Adjust Your Focus 

Our mind is like a camera. The mind magnifies negatives and produce a replica pics of that through our moods. I am a journalist but I forbid myself from checking the news first thing in the morning because that could affect how my day goes. My mood might change sometimes during the day but I instantly switch back to a good thought by deliberately checking youtube for a comedy video or anything inspiring enough to take away my attention from the moodiness.

Focus On Good Things Word

Standing Straight And Smiling

Debo taught me this one. He said standing straight and smiling will hack the brain into thinking happy thoughts automatically. Try that now and see if it works. Stand very upright and smile broadly, then try to get moody at the same time. Impossible huh? Tony Robbins statements on using your physiology to alter your psychology works wonders indeed.

A man slouching and a man standing upright

Try Gratitude 

Rhonda Byrne taught me this one in her gratitude book. Shifting focus from what makes you moody to what makes you grateful is really a wonderful way to go. You cannot be thankful and distasteful at the same time. More like how you cannot look at the sky and look at the ground at the same time. The ‘Banana Face Mask’ Beauty Tips You Should Know Right Now

I am Grateful For

Take A Walk Of Faith

A good stroll has the capacity to alter your mood in an amazing way. You can listen to music as you take that walk to make it more enjoyable. Taking a long walk does not only help to keep the heart fit, but it helps you enjoy the natural breeze and feel connected to God on a whole different level. How To Massage Your Mind To Greatness

A Boy Strolling With Dogs On The Beach

Exercise Your Way Into A Good Mood

You can skip, you can just do push ups or jog around the house. I do not know how to dance but at times I just dance anyways and before I know it I have forgotten what made me moody in the first place.

A Man on the mountain top

Practice An Act Of Charity

Giving something out to a person who needs it has to be one of the most effective drugs for curing mood swings. It is in our human nature to be empathetic , this is why you feel good when you help a person solve problems. Why do you think Billionaires are great philanthropists?

A Man Giving An Helping Hand To A Man Who Is Down

Start Something New 

Moodiness sometimes come to challenge us to try something new. Adventurous people have no time to be moody. When you pick up a new skill with the beginners meekness to learn, your mind focuses on the skill and an excitement creeps into you because doing something new makes you feel good.

A family and friends rowing a boat happily

I tried as much as possible not to include anything outside your reach in the above article. Everything I wrote is simple, easy and can be done anytime to crush that bad mood before it crushes your enthusiasm or worse still turn into despair or depression. Say no to moodiness because it has no value.