How Using Banana As Facemask Brings Out Your Natural Beauty

Your Face desperately craves the super power beauty benefits of Banana.
Here are ‘7 banana Face-mask Beauty secrets’ that are so natural, easy and ready made to give you the good looks you so desperately desire.
You think Banana is just an aphrodisiac, or potassium pumped yummy fruit? Think again because here are :
Whipped Banana Paste For Beauty Face mask

The 7 Ways Banana Face Mask Will Help You To Look,Fresher And Younger Within 15 days.

Nature refuses to accept your excuse of aging process, because she has so richly provided you with natural ways to look ageless.
Banana face-mask is so simple to make, just simply peel a banana, bite some off , yummy, then use your spoon to crush the rest.
Whisk the banana with the spoon until it turns so soft and cream like.
 Resist the temptation to lick it all. This is no smoothie, ‘lol’ , it is your face mask.
 If you cannot use banana face-mask in the morning, use it in the evening.
Here is what a banana face-mask will do for you when applied on your face and neck for 20 minutes every day for 15 days.

Banana Face-mask Clear Pimples And Black Spots So Effortlessly. 

Laced with super Vitamin A, this face-mask will leave your skin looking so pimple and black spots free within days.
It is no longer news that your eyes work better and see clearly when you take your vitamins A, but imagine how clearer your skin will look after applying the smart home remedy of Banana Face-mask.
 Hyper-pigmentation is also another crazy face problem that the vitamin A in Banana will so richly wade off from your face.
Smack-down that Pimples and acne on your face right away with banana delicious smoothie turned facemask.

Banana Face-mask Beats Down Wrinkles Easily.

Nature no longer thinks it’s cool for you to have wrinkles, especially since it packaged bananas with a high level of Silica.
By the way Silica is the Silicone that cosmetic surgeons use to give people face lift and younger appearance through plastic surgery.
You don’t have to save millions to go do a face lift , because the silicone you’re looking for under the knife of a plastic surgeon is lying so richly in a Banana Face-mask.
Just rub it on your face for 20 minutes everyday and even your neighbor will think you did a face lift.

 Banana Face-mask Easily Dominate Dry Skin 

 Encoded with Vitamins A, and E, banana Face-mask says no to dry skin.
Even from the texture of the paste you can already tell that your dry face will be a thing of history as banana Face-mask takes over and gives your skin a super glow.
Even Anna Hathaway said it.”Banana face-mask helped the super beautiful actress to defeat dry face”
I myself used to suffer so severely from dry skin, damn that made me look old, well, Banana face-mask came to the rescue.

Banana Face-mask comes with a Superhero Quality of Preventing Sunburn.

If you once lived in the northern part of Nigeria like me, then you’d know sunburn is like our second skin.
Well while others complained of how their face suffered so severely from sunburn, I simply retired home every evening to use banana Face-mask as my simple natural remedy against sunburn.
Hausa call banana ‘Ayaba’ yeah right, I call it my sure bank insurance against sunburn.

Banana Face-mask Helps your Face Glow With Pride.

Sometimes you look at some celebs glowing and you wonder if they sleep and wake in fresh milk.
Think I’m lying about celebs who use banana as face-mask, okay check out how Anna Hattaway give tips on how banana facemask helped her get rid of dry skin.
And you already know that when your skin is not dry , it is soft and shimmering.
Want to achieve that glow of a baby fresh skin? Good , pick up a banana and start masking.

Banana Face-mask Eliminates Dead Cell Tissues And Brings Life Unto Your Face.

Creams , soaps, and weather is to blame for aging. Matter of fact dead skin cells on your face prevent new active vibrant ones from helping your face breathe happily.
Potassium power of bananas is your face winning lottery ticket for combating the stress lines that dead cells so mercilessly cause.
Honestly, words alone cannot tell you how much pleasure your face will feel when water touches it and soothes out the dead cells after just 20 minutes of banana Face-mask.

Banana Face-mask is what your face needs to keep the Plastic Surgeon at Bay.

Packed with vitamins C that easily protect the immune system and prevent diseases, banana Face-mask will easily prevent , eradicate and keep various skin diseases off your face.
Finally Banana is just too simple a fruit for you to miss spotting in your local market or supermarket.
Decide upon using banana right away for your face, knowing that it is not only a deliciously healthy fruit.
Banana face-mask might be that important thing your favorite spa is using to rake in Millions from beauty loving addicts who desire an ever glowing,supple and younger look always.
Now you know how a Banana face-mask works wonders, over to you .