See The Online Money Making Sites That Are Closed To Nigerians, Why And What Can Be Done

Making money online has never been as easy as it is these days. As a Nigerian this might not be the case for you because many virtual places with opportunities to make money is shut against your face.
I don’t believe the world is a global virtual village because the discrimination against Nigerians in this world is the next thing near Racism.

Why Nigerians Are Not Enjoying The  Realities Of Making Money Online Today.

Men like Invictus Obi, Hushpuppi and some more Cyber-criminals have depleted Nigerians reputation in the online world.
All you just need to say is ‘I’m a Nigerian’ and bang goes the door on your face.
My brother a banker told me stories of how some Nigerians will buy goods from Alibaba , order the goods then go to the bank to cancel the order. The goods arrive and they won’t pay for it. Damn!
Now you know why well meaning Nigerians are scapegoats of the Online opportunities.

5 Online Opportunities That Nigerians Are Missing Out From


This is supposed to be a 2 way transaction platform for receiving and sending money online.
They are closed to Nigerians receiving money. Unless you want to send money through them. This is so bad, because our money can go out but no money can come in.
PayPal ban on funds into Nigeria has really affected over 70 percent of an average Nigerian opportunity to make money online.


This is a cryptocurrency website for transaction of Bitcoin, ethererum, among many others. They are closed for business to Nigerians. This means an average Nigerian who want to invest in cryptocurrency cannot do so via this well secured platform.

Well thanks to Quidax, Luno , Nairaex, a Nigerian can trade cryptocurrency today. However Coinbase seem to have a more reasonable prices of cryptocurrency than the aforementioned cryptocurrency websites that accept Nigerians.


This is a famous questions and answers website that now pays you for the engagement you get on your content.
As a Nigerian you cannot earn money for engagement you get on Quora , simply because that amazing feature isn’t open to you.
It is bad enough that we can drop our views on Quora, air Opinions, solve problems, answer questions, without the chance of earning a dime for your efforts.


You know how Tacha , and Cynthia Morgan recently got funded through this crowdfunding website right.
It is only through the help of someone abroad that a Nigerian can access GoFundMe and many other crowdfunding website. The address of  Nigeria is restricted from GoFundMe account .


This is a platform like Quora where you can publish your opinion, ideas and views to earn extra cash Online.
You cannot get paid as a Nigerian here because they don’t accept us among the list of countries whose writers can get paid. The bad thing about this site is that they pay via Skrill a payment platform that is open to Nigerians, yet medium says no to your earning because you’re a Nigerian.
I am sure you also know a lot of websites online where Nigerians are forbidden from earning cheese, simply because of the callous antecedents laid down by Cyber-criminals from our country.(Drop a comment about a website where you’ve been rejected because of your country below)

The Devastating Repercussions Of Not Letting Nigerians To Participate Fully In The Above Websites

Aside from being judged by your country and taking opportunities out of our plate in a virtual world that is supposed to be a level playing field for all, below are some other repercussions of denying Nigerians access to online money making sites.

1) You do not burn a whole house down because it has few rats in it, do you. Turning down Nigerians from making money on some of these websites mean the companies are not operating on the 21st century virtual code of equal opportunities.
2)  Nigerians have intellectuals who can contribute their immense quota of mental, financial resources to the online space. Blacklisting us from top websites mean those Businesses are missing opportunities to grow, expand and operate on a global scale.
3) The system that shut Nigerians out of your business is also still open to Nigerians who are in other countries.
One of the reasons why Nigerians travel out is to find better opportunities. A friend got an high paying job in the Cyber-crime unit in US, he’s a Nigerian, helping them to nab Cyber-criminals. Now this is just an offline example.
 Imagine how many websites a Nigerian who leaves this soil can access when he travels to other countries. This is an indication that you cannot fully shut us out no matter how hard you try.
Now let’s talk about some ways the above websites and some others like them can start filtering the well meaning Nigerians from the Criminals.

How Top Online Money Making Websites Can Open Businesses To Nigerians

1) They can incorporate KYC (Know Your Customers) : Websites like Quidax, Luno are not based in Nigeria, but they incorporate KYC in their platform. Here you are asked to send a scanned national recognized ID card, live picture of yourself holding the name of the website, and utility bills .
This should be enough proof of identity validation. Now we have Bank Verification Code to also help websites further ascertain a Nigerian’s identity.
2) They can open a part of their online business for Nigerian for a year or 6 months : For example they can say Nigerians are not permitted to withdraw more than 500 dollars monthly for a year. After a year of honest dealings on the website, the Nigerian can begin to withdraw more money.
3) A real-time monitoring of Activities Of Nigerians Online :
There should be a site wide activities of everything a Nigerian is doing online, at every time.
Cyber-criminals thrive on secrecy and any website open to Nigerian that incorporate this kind of real-time monitoring, displaying of Nigerian activities on their website will scare them off.
Finally it is noteworthy to know that the real Nigerians are hard-working, go-getters who delight in legit ways of making money online and offline, not the few corrupt ones have dented our image Online.
Websites like Fiverr, Substack , Hubpages , and others who still see the potentials in Nigerians are still to thank for the little virtual money some of us make. I hope these websites adopt Quidax, Luno , Skrill , methods of KYC to scare off potential fraudsters.
As for the fraudsters who are damaging our image in the online World, one day you will be put to book and posterity will remember you for the evil you’ve done to the reputation of well meaning Nigerians. Remember the online world never forget anything.