Your mind is possessed with potentials beyond your wildest dreams. You are not pampering your mind as much as you pamper your body,this is why you’re not living your dream life. Learn how to massage your mind, give your mind a spa and enjoy your life for taking this step.

Greatness Is In YOU


3 Reasons Why Your Mind Needs Massage

1) Your mind is stressed by the information you dig into it daily. Wholesome and wholesome info penetrates the mind daily through media and your deliberate search for info, so your mind is bugged by unworthy info fighting for territorial authority over your mind. You need to massage your mind into relaxation and focus on what’s important daily.


2) Your Mind is hungry for attention tired of having to be the second best to your body, when reverse is meant to be the case. Your mind is not nearly as important to you, that’s why you consciously invest more on looking good instead of thinking good. Your mind need that reassuring massage to bounce back alive.


3) Your Mind needs gift from you to unlock the innate gift buzzing in it. You’re constantly stressed out, fatigue and sometimes depressed because you have lots of repressed gifts in you. Your mind needs a gift from you today so that you can become all you’re meant to be tomorrow.

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7 Ways To Massage Your Mind And Hack Greatness Into Your Life

1) Listen To Your Thoughts : Your Thoughts are important to you, good or bad alike. The bad thoughts in you is a challenge for you to come up higher and embrace good thoughts. While the good thoughts in you are opportunities for expression so that you can live a fulfilled life. Pay attention to thoughts in your mind because they materialize into monsters or miracles, depending on which you nurture more.


2) Get Gifts For Your Mind : If you wait to attend school before you buy books as a gift for yourself, then you’re missing on gigantic opportunities. Look at your wardrobe, full of clothes, but your library is empty! Giving your mind a gift of books, ideas, and inspiration is a way to massage breakthrough opportunities into it.


3) Feed Your Mind With Positive Affirmations : Your mind is your imagination powerhouse, and your mouth is the steering wheel that moves the mind to making meaning out of your existence. Your mind believes your mouth, so when you positively proclaim good things, you’d manifest it with time because the mind want to always obey the mouth.


4) Your Mind needs pictures, imagery of the future you want : There is a picture of the kind of car you desire to drive one day, the kind of house you want to live in and everything else you desire. Place the images of your desires before your eyes which translates it into your mind, and in time your body will live in it.


5) Your Mind Craves To Stretch : Sticking to what you know how to do alone is the fastest way to make your mind shrink. Learn new skills, new hobbies, meet new people, let your mind enjoy the discoveries of a world outside your comfort zone. There is no time to stay in comfort zone when your mind can be enjoying riches of beyond borders breakthroughs outside your own personal world.


6) Let Your Mind Advise You: It is not a great idea to push your mind behind in major decisions. Your mind is an infinite resource powerhouse, you can consult it for major life altering decisions and it won’t fail you. When was the last time you used your hunch or trusted your instincts?

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7) Feed Your Mind With Soothing Songs : Your mind loves music. The kind of music you play is what your mind will dance to, so it is imperative to feed your mind with rich tunes , music and melodies that will unlock the genius in you that only tunes can.


Finally , the best way to massage your mind to extraordinary greatness is to first give it more than you give your body all the time. Never make your mind second best in life, because that’s a way to misery. Remember one day you’d get old and you will no longer enjoy fancy things, it is by this time your mind begin to nurture you in the same measure with which you first gave it.