Greatness Is The Core Of Who You Are

It is you that Greatness seek right now. Not anyone else. Are you ready to answer the call of greatness? Or are you just going to reject the call of greatness till another day? Another day that isn’t as guaranteed as this day.
Do you know why Greatness is calling upon you? It is because there are few people who attain Greatness. True Greatness is about to go extinct, there is a demand placed on you to transfer Greatness to the next generation through your gene.
The core of who you are is in how you push yourself until you become who you want to be and see.
Achieve Your Aims


Part One

Greatness Is No Accident Or Fluke Or Luck

You don’t find Greatness on the surface more like how you don’t find gold on the surface of the earth.
You have to dig deep , and you dig deeper and dig deepest to find greatness. If you are not willing to dig deeper to find Greatness, then you’d have a shallow life filled with regrets, pains and sorrow.
The shallow life is empty, but filled to the brim with sorrow. The shallow life is possessed by desolation, by barrenness. You cannot have any negotiation with shallowness, because shallowness is a misery that seeks to take total control over your life.
Shallowness dominates where it occupies, it embarrasses it’s host, and it is out to destroy a person who does not answer the call of Greatness.
A Man on the mountain top


How Do You Recognize The Call Of Greatness?

You recognize the call of Greatness by how shallow or unhappy or empty you feel right now in any facet of your life.
For example if in your finances you are poor or broke, then that’s the call of Greatness beckoning you to become Rich and prosperous.However you can choose to ignore that call or accept that call.
Before I teach you ‘how to accept the call of greatness’, let me first show you ‘the 5 deadly enemies to the call of Greatness’.


Part 2

Greatness begins in your life when you answer it’s call. Just like a great conversation between you and a friend start when you pick up his or her call.
You can never tell whether you’d have a great conversation with your friend, unless you pick up his or her call.
It is only when you answer to the call of Greatness that you can discover how great you can be.


The 5 Enemies Of The Call of Greatness In Your Life.

There are 5 extremely evil enemies of the call of Greatness in your life . These 5 deadly enemies of Greatness are out to destroy you. So make sure you destroy these enemies first before you begin your journey towards Greatness.
These greatness enemies don’t want you to be half great, neither will they let you attain full greatness.
The number one enemy of the call of Greatness is Procrastination.


Avoid Procrastination On Your Road To Greatness 

Whenever Greatness call,  procrastination always answer with the word ‘later’.
For example if you’re broke right now and Greatness calls upon you to apply for a job or kick-start a venture, procrastination will bid you to say ‘later’.
The world ‘later’ has killed more people in this world than any letter bomb.
A lot of people are in the full-time Business of saying later to a lot of opportunities that have potentials of making them great.
Why would you say ‘Later’ when that great idea drops in your mind.
The word ‘later’will hurt you more than you can imagine.
You see in this world today I noticed a lot of people don’t want to hear ‘later’ from good things, but they love to say ‘later’ towards the pursuit of good things.
You don’t want to hear ‘later’whenever it is time for you to earn your monthly salary, but you like to say ‘later’when it is time to do a new workplace task.
Procrastination is the deadliest enemy of the word ‘Greatness’.
Graphical Illustration Of What Causes Procrastination


Distraction Is An Enemy Of Greatness

Distraction is an enemy that seeks to take away Greatness from your life.
Every shiny object will catch your attention, when you don’t have a singleness of purpose.
Distraction is simply when every other things divert your attention away from the call of Greatness.
In my 37 years alive I’m yet to see a person who is distracted and great at the same time.
Greatness should be of greater attraction to you than any distraction. Follow Greatness, eschew distraction and you’d be great.
Tell yourself ” I won’t be distracted by any social media sites until I become great, and you’d become great. It is as simple as that.
Avoid Distractions Of Social Media


Excuses Are Dangerous Enemies Of Greatness

Excuses are house occupants with shallowness, emptiness and lack of Greatness.
A lot of people make lots of excuses about a lot of things. You hear excuses such as ‘I don’t have money’ ‘I don’t have time’ ‘ I don’t qualify’ and a whole lot of excuses about why they can’t attain greatness.
You will never be great until you stop making excuses.
Imagine if your heart gives you an excuse not to come to work today.
How will it be if your brain just decide upon taking a mental holiday for 10 years.
The vital organs you need for answering the call of Greatness are ever present in you. But excuses excuses are trying to stop you from becoming great.
If you don’t stop your excuse today, you’d never be great tomorrow.


Fear is False Beliefs

Fear Is An Enemy That Secretly Wish To Cripple Greatness In You.

Fear is the most common but mightily dangerous enemy of Greatness in your life.
Fear seeks to cripple your movement towards Greatness. Fear seeks to keep you still and keep you immobile, when you ought to be mobile on your way to Greatness.
Now how will you feel if your legs decide ‘ I fear to take a walk today, let me just act vegetable and rest for 15 years’.
What will happen if your hands simply say ‘ I fear to do anything today and tomorrow’.
If fear is not stopping your hands and legs from serving you, why is fear stopping you from Greatness.
Fear is powerful because we feed it with more reasons to exist in us.
You meet someone who says’ I fear to have an online business because I don’t think there’s any more room in it for me, I might fail in an online business’.
 You hear someone say ‘ I fear to apply for that job , because I’m not qualified’. ‘ I fear to speak in public because I’d make mistakes’.
There are a lot of fear factors in the society, that’s why the society is producing fewer and fewer great men everyday.

Open Your Mind

Close-mindedness Is A Destroyer Of Greatness In Your Life

Your development in any area of life gets diminished when you’re close-minded. And you can never be great with close-mindedness.
You must be devoted to learning for the rest of your life otherwise you’d never be great.
Thomas Edison learned a thousand times better than other inventors of his time, before he  became the first to invent a light bulb.
Greatness only pop up on your mind when you’re open minded towards learning.
You give up easily on learning when you’re close-minded, and Greatness will avoid you if you do not like to learn.
Your mind is meant for expansion, not restrictions. Your mind is meant for exploration, not conformation.
You can only receive the greatness that your imagination makes you experience.
And a close-minded person is simply someone who has stopped seeking the beauty embedded within his or her imagination.


Part 3

How Greatness Begins In Your Life Today

Greatness has always been in your life and it will always be there whether you see it , believe it or not.
You can choose to live alone with so much Greatness inside you, until you die with so much unreleased Greatness. Or you can choose to express the Greatness inside you to the world at any given time of your life starting from now.


Is Greatness A Choice Or Destiny?

How do you become great overnight? You become great overnight by just being yourself.
Even Adolf Hitler the evil dictator was great in his own estimation of himself, because he acted himself until his death. It is only death that can put asunder between you and the Greatness within you.
Greatness has no color,creed or sentiments , all it does is express itself in whosoever chooses to manifest it.
A bad person who display great faith in his Evil beliefs, will become greater in his ways compared to a million good people who are scared to exhibit faith in their potentials for Greatness.
Is that not the reason why you see a bold evil person as a leader in any society filled with great people who are afraid of being great. Nigeria of today is a vivid example of this graphic detail.
Why are there so many poor people in a Nation as great as Nigeria? The default personality of an average Nigerian is good. We are resilient. A resilient attitude is good. We are patient. Patience is a virtue. But we are also fearful despite our strong nature. Remember I said fear is an enemy of Greatness.
So many Nigerians are poor not because they are not hard-working, but because they choose to give in to the enemies of Greatness. However you can become great overnight.


7 Top Ways To Become Great Overnight.

Begin Your Journey To Greatness Right Now 

Imagine your self standing on a vast land.Then suddenly you spot a Hoe, Cutlass , seed,water tap and water hose. What will you do if your life depended on what next you do on that land.Will you just sit there wishing, regretting, crying until you die or will you simply pick a Hoe , dig a hole and plant a seed, then water it.
Your journey to Greatness start right now.
Simply write right if you are a writer.
 Simply do the work better than anyone right now if you’re in your workplace.
 Simply read beyond the syllabus if you’re a student right now.
You don’t need manual for Greatness – just begin your journey from where you are and Greatness will manifest itself along the way because you carry it in you all along.
Trust in your talents


Embrace Your Mistakes But Still Choose To Move On Towards Your Greatness

Thomas Edison made many mistakes.He made 999 mistakes on his way towards inventing light bulb.
Mistakes are assets not crutches , it all depends on how you view it. Thomas said he learned 999 ways on how not to make light bulb. Now that’s an attitude of Greatness.
Whatever you choose to do after a mistake matters more than the mistake itself.
A toddler does not simply stop trying to walk after he falls. Without reading a manual on how to walk , the toddler learn to pick himself up and try again and again until he walks one day. He does not count how many times he fall, all he focuses on is trying to walk.
I have fallen a thousand times in all areas of my life, matter of fact I sometimes envisage falling whenever I want to embark on a new project. The only thing is that I don’t allow the fear of mistakes to stop me.I embark on the project despite the potentials of making mistakes.
My life like your life is a project. ” I won’t abandon this project until I become great.” That’s what I say about my life. This is why I cry after a fall , but wipe my tears and start again.Adopt an attitude like this and you’d be great. Or at least people will know you died trying to become great. However you can never die if you’re trying all you can to become great.
Mistakes Are Your Chance To Learn



Love What You Do On Your Path To Greatness

If you can write, love it. If you can sing love your voice. You do not need to beg people to love what you can do before you choose to love it.
Thomas Edison never begged people to love his dream of trying to invent incandescent bulb.
He simply loved his dream through the mockery from Media, doubts of fellow inventors, families,friends. He loved his dreams throughout the 999 mistakes he made trying to invent light bulb.
When you so love what you can do that you’re willing to go through pain for it, one day the world will see the Greatness you bring forth just as clear as the light bulb Thomas brought forth.
It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams quote


Share Your Dreams Of Greatness Everywhere And Every-time

You’d never be great without boldness.
If you believe so much in that small business, then why is it not online yet. Your business is not online, not because it is small, but because you do not believe it can be great.
You’ve never published an article, not because you cannot write, but because you do not believe your write up is great.
You have not spread awareness on what you know how to do, because you do not believe in yourself. No other excuse would have mattered to you if you believed in your Greatness.
You will only become great when you start voicing out what you know how to do , no matter what people say or do to stop you.
Give Greatness All You Have Got


Give All You’ve Got Right Now Towards Achieving Greatness

If you are not giving anything right now, then you won’t attain Greatness anytime soon.
Greatness always give.
Give great thoughts to your mind.
Give your money to your dreams.
Give efforts towards making your boss dreams come true.
You will never amount to much in life, if you do not give Greatness enough room for expression in your work.
We are an exact picture of the time and resources we give towards Greatness.
A farmer who gives all his energy planting seeds on a 10 acres of land will never reap a little harvest.
If you planted seeds in a plot of land, despite having 10 acres of land, you will never harvest 10 acres of land worth of harvest.
I have torn many books, manuscripts, and notes, but I still keep planting my words on paper. Yeah you’re right, I’d surely harvest Greatness in this writing business one day.


What You’ve Got Right Now On Your Path To Greatness

I have a lot to say about appreciation and gratitude. One thing I know about appreciation is that it unlocks the seeds of Greatness in you.
Every little things will be worth it to you, when. you reconfigure your eyes to see why you should be grateful right now.
A farmer who appreciates his 10 seeds will do way better in life than another farmer who does not value his 100 seeds.
Appreciation does not ask for more, it simply uses what is available at the moment to create more.
I needed to build something with high profit potentials, but I didn’t have enough then, so I used the little I had to do another project that will yield money for the bigger project. That’s the kind of attitude gratitude will give you towards anything you have.
An estate developer who build a bungalow with what he has right now is better off,  than another estate developer saving towards a skyscraper.
Greatness Is In YOU


Never Forget That Greatness Is Already In You

You were born as a baby into this world. A baby who beat all odds to come to this world. A baby who excelled 200 million other sperms before reaching the womb first.
You’re the first of your kind on this Earth. There will never be anyone like you again. Now that’s Greatness!
When you know you’re one of a kind, and you believe you are one of a kind, you will do everything you do like one of a kind that you are.
You still possess the same DNA and quality that made you reach the womb first despite 200 million plus competitors.
This means you can be far better than your classmates, competitors, and anyone. You just need to start doing better things and you need to start doing better than your previous good records. Now that’s the path to Greatness.
Make a pact with yourself today, that you will not stop until you become as great as you were when you emerged into this world as the winner from your mother’s womb.


Finally , no one, no where , nothing can ever stop you when you decide to become great.
Work with the Greatness in you and become an unstoppable Force as you naturally gravitate to the top where you rightly belong.