Ageless Beauty Secrets Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon paste mixed with other natural products such as honey , banana or olive oil is potent enough to give you a glowing ageless skin within 14 days.

Aside from the super beautiful effect cinnamon has on your skin, it is also capable of growing your hair, giving you a fuller lips and making you smell so seductive.

Cinnamon is not just a flavorful spice , it is also a great skincare ingredient.

Before the days of Cleopatra who used cinnamon as a seduction portion, cinnamon was also known for its potent medicinal benefits as well as anti-ageing properties.

Check out how cinnamon powder mixed with some natural substance can give you the flawless skin you deserve.

cinnamon powder

7 Ways To Use Cinnamon Powder As A Wonder-working Beauty Product


1) Cinnamon Mixed With Coconut Oil Aids Hair Growth

Cinnamon powder mixed with coconut oil is potent enough to reach your hair follicle and boost your hair growth in a rapid way.

Aside boosting your hair growth, cinnamon mixed with coconut oil gives your hair sheen.

Get a bottle of pure coconut oil and mix it with 3 spoons of cinnamon powder, then massage it into your scalp daily, and the result will be visible within 4 weeks.

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2) Cinnamon mixed with honey is an effective spots and pimples remedy

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon combined with the anti-fungal property of honey is highly effective for combating spots, pimples,scars and blackheads.

Simply mix 3 table spoon of cinnamon powder with some honey, and apply this paste on your face for 10 minutes daily.Then wash it off with Luke-warm water, within 15 days you’d spot the beautiful difference.


3) Cinnamon mixed with lip balm for fuller, softer , pink lips

You can mix cinnamon with Vaseline, or your lip balm to get the fuller, softer lips you desire.

The cinnamon naturally penetrate into your lips to make it fuller, while the balm make your lips luscious and softer.

Just simply mix cinnamon powder with your lip balm and apply it every night before going to bed, and within few days the difference would be so clear.


4) Cinnamon mixed with banana mash for Child like radiant skin

Banana face-mask has a wonder working natural beautiful effect on skin, but mixing it up with cinnamon powder makes it more effective, more potent and with quicker glowing result on skin.

look for an overripe banana and mash it up with 2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

If you like add honey to this mixture.

Apply this natural face mask on your face, and neck for 10 minutes twice a day, then wash off with luke warm water to unveil the radiance glow and beauty of your face.


5) Cinnamon mixed with milk for a brighter looking skin

Cinnamon mixed with milk can be used as a natural exfoliator for all skin types.

All you simply do is mix a thick milk paste with cinnamon and apply this super working exfoliator on your face and neck for 7 minutes twice a day.

This combo is known to nourish and revitalize skin pores , while eliminating dead cells and skin impurities.


6) Cinnamon mixed with Avocado and Honey Can give you a naturally light skin

The face is one of the first reflection of ageing in the human body. This is because our face is easily susceptible to harsh element such as sun burn or chemical products.

A mix of cinnamon powder with mashed avocado and 3 spoons of honey can be very effective for giving the skin it’s natural complexion.

Rub this super mixture on your face for 5 minutes in the morning and night for visible results within 3 weeks.


7) Cinnamon mixed with olive oil as an anti-ageing face-mask.

The lines on your face can disappear within a month when you combine cinnamon powder with olive oil.

This combo facemask is packed with betacarotene, silica and vitamin E to leave your skin looking flawlessly smooth and line free.

Mix olive oil with cinnamon powder, then apply it on your face, neck and hands for 10 minutes twice a day, wash off with warm water and within less than 6 weeks you’d be looking younger, radiant and smooth.


Cinnamon is good as medicine, facemask and food ingredients.

You can never go wrong when you add this wonder working aromatic antibacterial spice to your beauty rituals.

Some people even mix a little cinnamon in their bath water to smell fresh all day.

It does not matter how you use cinnamon, the result is always easily visible on your body and general well-being